Nāthan Theodore Naicker: Astrological Indicators 1 - Profession and Its Changes (April 25)


Nāthan Theodore Naicker: Astrological Indicators 1 - Profession and Its Changes (April 25) wkntn042521
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First of three amazing workshops by Nāthan Theodore Naicker on using the astrological chart to understand our own (or our clients') financial dynamics. You can sign up for a single workshop for $30 or all three for $70.

#1 of 3 Workshops on the Astrological Indicators for

Profession and Its Changes

DATE: April 25, 2021
TIME: 4:00 - 6:00 pm Pacific Time

Career and Finance topics naturally go together. Career success is about finding the sweet spot between what a person wants to do and what they can accomplish. We will also learn to handle professions driven by the self versus professions driven by others: in which direction lies the career path? We will learn how to properly use both the luminaries in delineating professional focus, as well as learn how to delineate career changes.


Nathan NaickeNāthan Theo Naicker has a background as a petroleum engineer and has been practicing astrology professionally since 2014. He began learning psychological astrology in 2010, then moved onto traditional western astrology with qualifications in natal, horary, mundane, locational, and medical branches. He has a Diploma in Medieval Astrology (Zoller, 2012) and a Diploma in Astrological Studies (Suskin, 2014). Since 2016, he began studying a holistic form of Vedic Astrology, which combines meaning and techniques from astrological, scriptural, tantric, yogic and omenology in the Indian tradition and visits India 2-3 months a year for that purpose. His specialized consultations take into account factors from both Western and Vedic astrological traditions.

Theodore runs retreats in South Africa, and hosts webinars, workshops, and private courses in South Africa and online. He also specializes in Rectification for clients and other astrologers around the world. You can find out more about his background, qualifications, and events at www.spicastrology.com