WR203A Relationships 101 (Karen McCauley)


WR203A Relationships 101 (Karen McCauley) cc5-WR203A
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Instructor: Karen McCauley

DATE: 5-Week Course begins Jul 24, 2020
TIME: 9:00-11:00 AM PDT (12:00-2:00 PM EDT)

This course will help you better understand how to work with questions about relationships. It will help you improve consulting and communication skills when clients come with questions like: "Are he and I compatible?" "How can I fix my relationship with my sister?" "Why am I having so much trouble with co-workers?"

Students will look at relationships primarily through charts of individuals and couples. We will differentiate needs from wants and abilities. Students will also explore issues that arise between astrologer and client(s).

Course Objectives:

  1. By the end of this course, the students will be able to:
  2. Identify the primary categories of human relationships & their locations by house in the natal chart
  3. Identify and evaluate the individual capacity for Love, Sex, and Life responsibilities,
  4. Explore the individual's attraction to and from others,
  5. Understand challenges that may be present in the individual capacity for commitment and the ability to maintain enduring relationships. Identify and address the basic needs as dictated by the charts.

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