W110 Fundamentals V: Predicting Major Life Circumstances


W110 Fundamentals V: Predicting Major Life Circumstances cc-W110
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The flowering of the natal chart promise. This course covers eclipses, various progressions, and solar arc directions to bring the unfolding of the year, month and week into focus.

Instructor: Carol Tebbs

Term begins April 5, 2021
Weekly live sessions are on Sundays, beginning April 11, 2021
TIME: 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM Pacific Time

This course examines the development of modern Western interpretive methods of movement based upon planetary cycles, natural phenomena and symbolic interpretive tools from the 16th to the 21st centuries.

Students will have dedicated practice in the most common techniques as well as a chance to explore some of the lesser-known methods.

Areas of study for “Moving the Chart in Time” Part I include:
  • Interpreting Solar and Lunar Eclipses as harbingers of life focus
  • Understanding the Outer Planet Transit cycles in human growth and development, and their timing role in activation of the natal chart
  • Moving the chart with Solar Arc Directions or Secondary Progressions to reveal the natal chart focus for the year – other progressions show months and weeks in focus
  • Timing the month with the Progressed Moon, as well as using the 15-year period of focus within which the 3 ½ year Lunar Phases and how these techniques unfold in stages.

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