E305A Astro-Mythology: An Introduction


E305A Astro-Mythology: An Introduction cc5-E305A
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INSTRUCTOR: Inga Thornell

5 WEEK COURSE begins July 8, 2021
TIME: 5:00 - 7:00 PM Pacific Time

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The Greco-Roman Gods have not been worshipped in any official capacity for over 2000 years, and yet this mythology is the foundation for much of the allusion, characters and literary forms in Western literature. We still refer to people as jovial, junoesque, or to music as martial. What keywords can we discover as we read the god's stories and try to understand them from a more astrological point of view?

This five-week course will focus on individual gods, their attributes, spheres of influence, and their interactions with each other and with human beings to develop an understanding of the origins of the astrological keywords and meanings we rely on for interpretation.

Required & Recommended Texts

Required Text:

Morford and Lenardon, Classical Mythology, edition 7 or later. I've provided a pdf link to download but the non-current editions of this are inexpensive and it is worth having in printed form for easier reference.


here is the pdf: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0mmhj88ml676kgq/Morford_Lenardon_Classical_Mythology.pdf?dl=0

Recommended for your home bookshelf:

Larousse, Encyclopedia of Mythology

Liz Greene, Astrology of Fate

Guttman, Ariel & Johnson, Mythic Astrology

Waterfield, The Greek Myths

Barber & Barber, When They Severed Earth from Sky How the Human Mind Shapes Myth


Hamilton, Mythology

Cliffs Notes Mythology

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