Workshops vs. Intensive Courses

Kepler offers three different types of learning opportunities: Community Webinars, Workshops and Intensive Courses. Each has a different focus.

Our Community Webinars are 1-1/2 hours in length and provide an opportunity to astrologers to expore a topic they may not have looked at previously and to hear a wide variety of speakers. They are freely offered to the community as part of our non-profit mission and as a thank you.

These Webinars are also designed to give speakers a chance to present a topic they are excited about - and perhaps one that may not normally be offered at conferences. We provide this opportunity not only to presenters comfortable with public speaking but also to those without much experience in order to have a wide variety of voices.

Workshops are 2 hours or longer in a variety of areas that you may find interesting and entertaining. Topics are varied and range from the history of astrology to astrological techniques. They are in a lecture format and the audience can ask questions by typing them into an easily accessible question box. Workshops build in more time for interaction, so you have a chance to clarify any questions you may have. Workshops are excellent opportunity to build your knowledge of astrology.  

In both the webinars and workshops, the burden of learning is on the participant. If you are motivated, these formats are effective in helping you understand specific topics, especially when you take advantage of the downloaded recording and listen to the lecture again.

Intensive courses center around you, the student, and your learning. These 10-week courses give you a chance to delve in depth into a topic area that interests you and be confident that you can use the knowledge you have learned. To accomplish this, in addition to the live sessions, these courses have many additional resources. And you will have tasks to complete during the week that help you solidify your understanding. As these are longer courses, you will also have time to get to know your fellow students and form bonds that can last far into the future. 

The instructors in these intensive courses carefully design each week's lessons so they can help guide you in a logical progression. To help with this process, students have:

  • Regular live meetings with your fellow students and your instructor(s). These are a mix of lecture and student interaction and give you a chance to directly ask questions. 
  • A course website where each week has additional resources. These can include written articles, presentations, audio-visual materials and links to other Internet resources.
  • Written discussion forums where you can explore questions about the material with your fellow students and the instructor at a time convenient for you.
  • Opportunities to test your understanding through written assignments, quizzes, instructor feedback, feedback from your fellow students, and at times through creating your own presentation.
  • An opportunity to review and download material on the course site for an additional 3 months after the course has ended.

Students can take these courses for fun, or complete the various assignments and receive a web badge in recognition of the work they have done.


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