Kepler offers several options for anyone who is interested in astrology: If you don't have much time available, there are our Community Webinars and various online workshops. If you want more, our intensive courses meet online one to two hours per week and have a course website with additional resources, written discussions and assignments to ensure you understand the material. 

How do you sign up? Check out our upcoming events page and sign up directly from there or click the Enroll button to see what is available.

Our approach to astrological education is to expose our students to a variety of techniques and to explore their philosophical differences and effectiveness, so students can better evaluate the information and intelligently choose their own path.

Intensive Courses

You can sign up for individual intensive courses or take them in a guided sequence. Students who successfully complete an entire sequence have their work acknowledge through a Certificate (for a series of 2-3 courses) or a Diploma (for a series of 12 courses plus the two chart calculation labs). These in-depth courses are most often 10 weeks in length (although we have an increasing number of shorter courses only 5 weeks in length). Since these courses are in a series, we have starting points 4 times a year. The cost of each course includes access to additional library and student help resources.

In the guided program, the first course is W101 Introduction to Astrological Symbolism and PracticeThis course breaks down the astrological symbols and then re-builds them to enable the student to interpret a chart based on their own knowledge instead of relying on a book. We have had people brand new to astrology and ones who have studied for 12 years take this course (we provide extra assistance to students who don't know astrology and additional challenges for those who do). 

In these intensive courses, students meet live online for 1 to 2 hours every week to work with each other and the instructor on the material for that week. In addition, students have required book(s), as well as a course website with additional written and/or audio-visual presentations.

Each week covers a particular topic area and students interact through an online written discussion forum focusing on the week's topics. The week may also have specific assignments as well as quizzes to help students find out if they are learning the material. Instructor feedback is a key component of these courses.

As noted, these are intensive courses, so students generally spend 8-10 hours per week working on the material. At the end of the course, students will receive a written evaluation and a pass/fail grade. The 10-week courses cost $530.  The 5-week courses cost $265.

If students take a series of courses around a specific topic area, their successful completion is acknowledged with a Certificate honoring their work (examples include The Fundamentals of Natal Astrology, Moving the Chart in Time, Counseling and Relationships). 

If students find they are fascinated by astrology and want both breadth and depth, they can take a series of 12 courses plus the two chart calculation labs. This series is designed to ensure the students learn how to successfully use different methods to interpret a chart, and gains an understanding of astrology's history, its links to astronomy, and its ethical and interpersonal challenges. Students who complete the Diploma receive a web badge and acknowledgment that honors their work and recognition by ISAR and NCGR (where they can by-pass the first three exams and go on to take NCGR Level IV).


Kepler College offers an assortment of online workshops that provide a great opportunity to pursue your interest in astrology and explores its many facets. Workshops can range from 2 hours to 2 hours per week for 12 weeks. The cost ranges from $25 to $295.

Students use GoToMeeting to connect with the instructor and fellow students. The instructor provides a lecture and students can interact and ask questions. In nearly all cases, students can later download their own copy of the recorded lecture. There is no homework or evaluations. 

Community Webinars

Nearly every month, Kepler offers 1 to 2 community webinars on a wide variety of astrological topics. We ask for donations to help defray our costs, but we would never turn someone away as these are our gift back to the community (we just hope we are as tasty as a specialty brewed beer!). Even if you cannot attend, sign up and you will receive an opportunity to download a copy of the recorded webinar.

Each spring for International Astrology Day (and for various other special occasions), we offer a several-hour marathon of interviews with practicing astrologers. These are a wonderful chance to hear astrologers talk about their own experiences, opinions, and considerations. Everyone is invited!


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