Formal courses speed up your learning. Instead of picking things up piecemeal, a well-structured course helps you build your knowledge as logical pieces in a larger whole. This enables you to more easily fit in and learn new concepts and ideas even after the course is over.

Kepler also approaches astrology as a subject. What this means is that we believe that you cannot separate astrological techniques and approaches from the larger culture in which they are practiced. For example, if you want to do astrological counseling, then you should learn something about the fields of psychology, counseling practices and ethics along with astrological methods. This helps you anchor your knowledge within a context that makes it easier to understand and easier to use.

Our faculty represent a wide range of views and traditions. They are dedicated to helping you learn not only the techniques, but the tools you need for a lifetime of learning and evaluating new information. Instructors for the Certificate and Diploma program structure the weeks based on what the student should know and be able to do after each week and for the course as a whole. That way students know what is expected. And it keeps the work focused which helps ensure a match between what is being taught and what is being learned!

The presentation of techniques includes their history and development, research on the origins of a technique, who were and are the strongest proponents, what are the philosophies and reasons behind the methods, and what are the questions and controversies that surround different views. We do not want to teach you the approach of a single teacher or school of thought - we want to help you make up your own mind.

In addition, Kepler offers resources for you to develop the practical skills needed to be a successful astrologer, with classes in the areas of communication, marketing, technology, business development and client interaction.

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