Kepler recognizes that many instructors provide consulting services related to counseling or the provision of astrological services. For a number of reasons, it is considered inappropriate for instructors to do private consultations for students in any course that has an evaluation, or for the instructor's students who are completing coursework for previous terms or are on a leave of absence. This policy applies regardless of whether or not a fee is paid for that course.

If a student requests such a service, the instructor is expected to explain this policy to the student and deny their request. This policy is in place to:

  • Ensure that no intentional or unintentional biases on the part of the instructor result from potential intimacies shared between the student and instructor.
  • Ensure against any later embarrassment of the student as a result of disclosing intimacies.
  • Ensure that the student forms no undue dependencies on the instructor that could interfere with an otherwise normal student/instructor relationship.

This policy does not apply once a student is no longer in courses at Kepler that have evaluations.