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Learn how astrology can help understand health and medical issues.

Instructor: Judith Holloway, Masters in Public Health (5-weeks)

This course is a perfect way to introduce yourself to the practical application of astrological knowledge to health issues. It is designed for astrologers who want to gain a basic understanding of techniques that can be used. Students will see how these methods were put to use in ancient, medieval, and today.

You will need to have a basic knowledge of planets, signs, houses and aspects to be able to participate.

This course is useful for beginning to define a personal health profile that can help you with assessing potential health related problem areas for yourself and your clients.

Students will have both an online course site and weekly live lectures

Each week this course contains a variety of supplemental material: the written overview, visual presentations available, and links to additional resources. Some weeks also have audio and/or audio-video lectures. Handouts will be available after the lecture.Please focus on understanding the concepts during the weekly lecture session.

Each week the class will meet live via an online conference service. You will see the instructor's screen as they give an overview of the material for the week. The first 1-2 classes will have more lecture than chart practice in order to help you gain familiarity with the material. As we progress through the course, the live portion will be more and more interactive as you participate in chart interpretation as a group exercise.

Each week there will also be an online discussion forum and a written assignment to upload to the course site. The online discussion forum is where you will be able to not only provide your answer to the question for the week, but read the answers of your fellow classmates and comment on their perspective. The written assignment will be graded by the instructor and will be returned with feedback to help you improve your skills.

This course is available for credit toward the Certificate Program or as an audit for your own continuing education

Instructor: Judith Holloway, MA


Since coming into the study of astrology, I have deeply pondered the mechanism behind its magical and profound workings.  Any student of the subject has surely been amazed by its exactitude and precision in the timing of events, bodily illness, and passing moods that sweep through us in any given day. It is the unending and uncanny accuracy of astrology that keeps me motivated to continue my study. I also believe that astrology can be used to aid in healing. For instance, medical astrology can often be as accurate as a laboratory test, yet looking at the astrological chart is completely non-invasive.

Today you may carry a smart phone to help you calculate astrological charts while traveling. “For medieval physicians, the mnemic apparatus of choice was what is sometimes today known as a folding almanac or a belt book. There are thought to be just 29 such almanacs that have survived to the present day.”

The almanac was made using vellum, a tough paper made from an animal skin. It was folded, strung on a cord and hung from the belt. It was particularly useful for doctors as they made house calls.  Read More from The Atlantic.

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