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Take courses at your own pace and pay as you go. For courses that lead to a certificate acknowledging your hard work, we will keep track of your progress. The time for the live sessions may be adjusted based on where members of the class are living. Most live sessions are held on the weekends or evenings.

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Chart rectification can be challenging and different astrologers have advocated different methods. In the final class of the certificate, Moving the Chart in Time (W112), students have a chance to test different methods. Corinna Hurst, a student from the Certificate program, has volunteered to share her Week 6 assignment. Corinna started studying at Kepler in the fall of 2010, starting at the beginning with W101 Introduction to Astrological Symbolism and Practice.

Week 6 assignment for W112 Rectification class taught by Carol Tebbs (Fall term 2012-2013)

  • Select a chart of a notable person whose birth time is A, B, or C-rated and experiment with one of the rectification methods described by another author (reviewed in week 1) except Zipporyh Dobyns, Carol Tebbs and Noel Tyl, since we have already practiced their methods. Use a list of important life events to derive a birth time that astrologically corresponds to time rectification, most probably one of especial interest to you. [Note: The other authors included Bernadette Brady, Ciro Discepolo, Laurence Ely, Ken Gilman, David Meadows, Bruce Scofield, and John Willner.]

Glasscock, Robert—a personal anecdote, by Robert Glasscock

Somebody once said to me, resentfully: “You get everything you want, don’t you?”

Now, that’s an interesting question and one I’d never thought about. I realized that, to this man, it seemed I DID get everything I wanted.

In addition to webinars and workshops that are held at any time, there are regularly scheduled 10-week courses that are part of Kepler's guided program. You are welcome to begin taking courses in any term. Most students take a single course per term. You are welcome to sign up for any course that interests you or take a series of courses around a particular topic area. To get the most from your course, please set aside 8-10 hours per week for homework and the live meetings. Click here for additional information. 

General information: Regular price for 5-week courses is $265. Regular price for 10-week courses is $530

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