Kepler Certificate Program

Take courses at your own pace and pay as you go. For courses that lead to a certificate acknowledging your hard work, we will keep track of your progress. The time for the live sessions may be adjusted based on where members of the class are living. Most live sessions are held on the weekends or evenings.

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Certificate: Movement and Forecasting

This certificate includes courses covering various methods of moving the chart in time, including techniques such as transits, progressions, solar arc directions, solar returns, planetary returns, profections, elections, rectification and more.

W110 and W111 are required for this certificate (20 weeks). Students can choose to take W112 and/or W113 (practicums focused on application) to fulfill the requirement of 30 weeks (the standard certificate) or 40 weeks (the extended certificate) of instruction.

Instructors: Carol Tebbs, Gloria Scigliano
This is not an introductory course. Students are expected to have a working knowledge of the elements of natal chart interpretation and synthesis. 

Students begin by learning to use the earliest interpretive tool, eclipses, then move on to outer planet transits, solar arc directions, secondary, tertiary and minor progressions, and inner planet transit stations to interpret activation of the natal chart, past, present or future.

Instructor: Carol Tebbs

In this 5-week intensive, East meets West and Traditional meets Modern with an introduction to many of the movement traditions currently used in astrology.

Students will move beyond the basics covered in W110 (transits, directions, and progressions). W111A introduces the solar return, midpoints, and the 90-degree dial to unfold the promise of the natal chart, as well as using movement in a larger context in electing a good time for an event and seeing the world with mundane predictive techniques like the Aries ingress and the synodic cycles of outer planets. 

Instructor: Carol Tebbs
Required texts can be found under the section for Moving the Chart in Time in the materials lis for all coursest.

Without accurate birth time, an astrologer’s forecast for the client could be off by a year, or more, which is not professionally acceptable. This 5-week course focuses on time range searches from a few minutes to six hours and meets the PAA/NCGR rectification requirement for their Level IV professional certification.

Instructors: Kenneth Miller and Tamira McGillivray
5-week course
Prerequisite: W110 or solid knowledge of movement techniques

Refine your skills and gain confidence in your ability to make predictions.  Each week, students will have guided practice in chart interpretation and synthesis to understand unfolding chart themes and life events in order to increase their ability to identify future significant times in a native’s life.