This workshop will help!

At the end of 6 weeks, you will be able to create your own chart interpretations that are solid and grounded in the symbols of the chart itself.

Everything in astrology flows from the fundamental components of the chart: planets, signs, houses, and aspects. This course gives students a chance to anchor their understanding of these symbols. The focus is on learning to synthesize these core basics into a layered interpretation.

Instructor had a very tasteful and motivating style of teaching the basic foundations - I loved every webinar! The information basicly covered all areas of interest, like astronomy, astrology, psychology, mythology which definitley suited my need for seeing things from multible perspectives. I tried an astrological school in Germany for one year, but after taking the course I had the feeling that I learned more in these 5 weeks than in this one year! I loved the interaction between the people and also the homework and exam. I felt very much at home with all astrology and comos connected people in the course.

In order to ensure your learning, this workshop has weekly readings, discussion forums, quizzes, and chart practice! There is a final exam to test your knowledge that can also be used to move into W102 Fundamentals of Natal Astrology: Additional Tools.

Topics covered include how to:

  • Identify planetary functions
  • Modify planetary function by polarity, element & mode of action 
  • Expand interpretation through the underlying temperament of the chart and general chart patterns
  • Identify dispositor patterns to better understand what the ruling planet brings to the conversation
  • Place where the action occurs within the astrological houses
  • Separate the meanings of planets, signs, and houses
  • Work with major aspects to tie planets and houses together
  • Work with the major dignities and debilities to identify which planet is hogging the conversation
  • Layer interpretation to determine planetary challenges and gifts

If desired, students who pass the final exam can directly enter into the Certificate Program with W102 Fundamentals II.

All related documents are assembled under each section (week 1 to 6). Our instructor, Ms. Enid Newberg, highlighted every each important topic that we, the students, have to know. We had a fabulously great instructor.


Enid Newberg

Enid Newberg, MA Whole Systems Design. Enid has been a librarian, astrologer, childbirth educator, paralegal, IT and web developer and trainer, entrepreneur, administrator, and teacher.

In 1993, Enid became involved in the dream of creating an academic college where astrology would be openly taught and joined the board of Kepler College. She was president of the College as it opened from 2000-2001 and again from 2007-2019. In 2013, her interest in preserving and expanding an understanding of our astrological heritage led her to help establish the Alexandria iBase Project.

Enid particularly enjoys introducing students to the dynamic aliveness of an astrological chart. She is also fascinated by astrology's history and philosophy as well as its intersection with magic, spirituality, and culture. She loves teach and use astrology to help clients find creative insights.

Enid is an instructor in: