Kepler Certificate Program

Take courses at your own pace and pay as you go. For courses that lead to a certificate acknowledging your hard work, we will keep track of your progress. The time for the live sessions may be adjusted based on where members of the class are living. Most live sessions are held on the weekends or evenings.

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Certificate: Fundamentals of Natal Astrology

This certificate focuses on building skills for natal chart interpretation. The required courses provide students with the skills they need to successfully interpret a natal chart, an understanding of many of the types of tools they can use (and any controversies surrounding them) and a consideration of the ethical issues involved. It gives students a broad enough view that they can also understand the different approaches available for interpretation (such as traditional, modern, or evolutionary) so they can decide for themselves what direction interests them further.

The standard certificate (30 weeks) requires W101, W102, and W103. The extended certificate (40 weeks of instruction) requires the natal chart practicum, W104, which hones student's ability to work with common client questions (based on actual client charts and issues).

Instructors: Donna Young, Tamira McGillivray, and/or Enid Newberg
10-week course

Required texts can be found under the Fundamentals Series section for required materials

Students in this course will not only build a solid understanding of the basics of astrology but learn how to immediately apply what they learn to chart interpretation, even if there is no birth time. 

Instructors: Carol Tebbs, Enid Newberg

Required texts can be found under the Fundamentals Series section of the materials list.

Students are encouraged to critically consider the various techniques presented by discussing their strengths and weaknesses and considering any controversies surrounding them. Guided practice each week in “Live Chat” refines the process of spotting major life themes in the natal chart.

Instructors: Karen McCauley and Inga Thornell.
Required texts can be found under the Fundamentals Series section of the materials list.

In this course, students actively consider and discuss potential client issues and ethical considerations. In addition, students get guidance in evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches to interpretation by examining how multiple astrologers approach chart delineation.

Instructors: Karen McCauley, Inga Thornell
Prerequisite: A solid knowledge of the core components of natal astrology and interpretative techniques; basic chart interpretation skills.

Required books can  be found under the Fundamentals Series section of the required materials list.

This course provides extensive practice in chart interpretation. By the end, students will increase confidence in their interpretation skills, be better able to identify major life issues, and be able to focus on answering specific questions raised by clients.