Family relationships form the background complexity of all of our lives: they set patterns that manifest in relationships with bosses and subordinates, close friends and intimates, and in our career and lifestyle choices. This course will go beyond the so-called “nuclear family” and also consider social, ethnic, and historical contexts of family life.

We’ll sample psychodynamic approaches that inform much modern astrology and include systems approaches that allow us to explore interlocking patterns of our birth and family connections. How have astrologers in the past and present discussed family issues in an individual chart? 

Using astrological charts of the famous, infamous, and ourselves, we’ll examine parental/offspring and sibling relationships within family structures. We’ll look at generational transmission, sibling position, and roles within the family. How might astrological indicators reflect these considerations and how might they run counter to them?

We’ll consider our desires for lifelong relationships and to pursue our paths as individuals. How does astrology maintain a dynamic balance between the two?

Our final meetings examine the inevitability of change within family life. Since many personal crises are also family crises, it’s important to look at individuals within families when specific changes occur.  Often these are important nodal points in the “family life cycle,” from the births of children to adult independence to issues of aging and generational turnover.

Participants are invited to share cases they have encountered in their work and to share insights from their own family experiences and their own lives.


Crane Joseph 2016 100pxJoseph Crane, M.A. is a consulting astrologer, teacher, and author. He has conducted beginning astrology courses, training programs on astrological interpretation, and on counseling skills for astrologers. He has been involved with the Kepler College and Certificate Program since 2007. He also works 1:1 with those who wish to include astrology in their counseling work. He has been involved with the Kepler College and Certificate Program since 2007.

Joseph is the author of A Practical Guide to Traditional Astrology (1997), Astrological Roots: The Hellenistic Legacy (2007) and Between Fortune and Providence: Astrology and the Universe in Dante’s Divine Comedy (2012). He publishes a monthly astrology newsletter that currently profiles historical and contemporary public figures. Newsletters and other information can be found at The Astrology Institute. Joseph is also a psychotherapist and a Buddhist practitioner. He lives in Rhode Island. You can find out more at his website:

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