Take courses at your own pace and pay as you go. For courses that lead to a certificate acknowledging your hard work, we will keep track of your progress. Most live sessions are held on the weekends or evenings.

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Kepler offers three types of educational opportunities:

ONE: Our community webinars provide anyone interested in astrology with a wide range of topic areas. They also provide a venue for both established and new astrologers to share their passion.

TWO: Kepler also offers a variety of astrological and professional development workshops to help you continue your astrological education and build your business. Workshops do not have assignments or feedback from the instructor.  

THREE: Kepler has intensive courses as part of our Certificate program. The two-to-three courses in an individual Certificate allow students to delve deeply into a particular area of astrology. Certificate courses also form the core of the Diploma in Professional Astrology, which combines both breadth and depth to expand your astrological knowledge.

Anyone can audit the certificate program courses. You do not need to be working toward a certificate or diploma to enjoy these classes. The Kepler Certificate Program brings first-class instructors together with a varied selection of classes so that you can build your skills, whether you are a beginner or professional.

sm_logo Are you interested in learning how astrologers work?
sm_logo Are you a professional interested in adding to your skills?
sm_logo Are you interested in learning with experts in the field?
sm_logoDo you want more than memorization and a single point of view? 
sm_logo Do you want intensive in-depth instruction with instructor feedback? 

If so, the Kepler Certificate Program is right for you.


If you are looking for world-class astrological education, you have come to the right place. 

Everyone is welcome to enroll in our intensive courses.

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Kepler College is committed to encouraging personal and intellectual growth in a democratic and cooperative setting and is committed to the principle of equal opportunity in education. Read full non-discrimination policy

This certificate focuses on building skills for natal chart interpretation. The required courses provide students with the skills they need to successfully interpret a natal chart, an understanding of many of the types of tools they can use (and any controversies surrounding them) and a consideration of the ethical issues involved. It gives students a broad enough view that they can also understand the different approaches available for interpretation (such as traditional, modern, or evolutionary) so they can decide for themselves what direction interests them further.

The standard certificate (30 weeks) requires W101, W102, and W103. The extended certificate (40 weeks of instruction) requires the natal chart practicum, W104, which hones student's ability to work with common client questions (based on actual client charts and issues).

This certificate includes courses covering various methods of moving the chart in time, including techniques such as transits, progressions, solar arc directions, solar returns, planetary returns, profections, elections, rectification and more.

W110 and W111 are required for this certificate (20 weeks). Students can choose to take W112 and/or W113 (practicums focused on application) to fulfill the requirement of 30 weeks (the standard certificate) or 40 weeks (the extended certificate) of instruction.

Astrological counseling has unique features. This certificate requires 30 weeks of instruction. It provides students with a solid foundation of the considerations, issues, and ethics of astrological counseling and the ability to work with clients in the most common area of practice:

  • relationships,
  • one's own capacity for and style of giving and receiving love, and
  • the interactions of lovers, spouses, parents and children, and the family itself.

Astromapping is the art of using the astrological chart to determine a good place to live or even the best way to structure one's local environment (similar to Fung Shui).  Astro*Carto*Graphy is the art of using the natal chart to determine what areas of world support or challenge the natal planet positions. Local Space astrology uses the natal chart to interact with your local environment so that it supports who you are. Like Feng Shui, you can use these techniques even to the level of an individual room in your house.

The Astromapping certificate requires 20 weeks of instruction and includes the 10-week course WL220 Astro*Carto*Graphy, and two 5-week courses - WL221A Local Space and WL221B Astromapping Practicum.

Most of our course offerings focus on the most common aspects of modern astrological practice. But there are additional unique traditions that have a different perspective and/or philosophical underpinning that astrologers incorporate into their practice. This includes Esoteric Astrology (originally developed by Alice Bailey or the Church of Light), Evolutionary Astrology (originally developed by Jeffrey Wolf Green and Steven Forrest), Uranian/Symmetrical Astrology (developed in the early 20th century), Astro*Carto*Graphy (developed by Jim Lewis) and  Astromapping, Hellenistic Astrology, Medieval Astrology and Indian Astrology. 

This certificate requires 30 weeks from a range of courses focused on these traditions.

Kepler has 4 terms each year. The intensive 10-week certificate courses begin each term. There are also 5-week certificate courses that start at different times during the term. Throughout the year, Kepler also offers one or two Community webinars each month, and workshops that vary from 2 hours on a single day to 2 hours per week over multiple weeks. Everyone is welcome to sign up for the courses, webinars, and workshops. Only those students who intend to earn certificates or the diploma need to successfully complete the homework and assignments in the certificate courses.

This section gives information on the Marion D. March Online Library, which gives access to three major research databases and provides links to other online resources. 

See what our students have to say

My first experience with the Kepler Certificate Program has been an amazing journey. After many years of reading and trying to understand how astrology works, I decided I needed help pulling all the pieces together.

Since I work and have a family, the Kepler online learning program has been a wonderful way for me to reach out to the Universe and understand just a little more about who I am and where I want to go. The teachers are extremely knowledgeable and accessible.

The online learning environment is a great tool with video, audio, webinars, resource links, pdf documents, etc. Kepler also includes their own text and work book and a great selection of an easy to understand astrology books. With the ability to review any area I may find challenging, my learning is exciting and adapted to my needs.

I am enthusiastic and looking forward to continuing my astrological search with Kepler.

Thanks again, Linda Schingen (W101)

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