Now that our “Founders' Circle” is complete, we invite you to join the new Kepler College “Star Circle” and receive continuing recognition in our literature as a substantial donor among the pioneers of this bold new venture in astrological education. Listed below are a few of the stars in each of the first four magnitudes, and their meanings. You can choose your own star, or a Kepler faculty member will help you choose one of a particular magnitude that is related to your horoscope.

The Pole Star - $100,000

(Alpha (Alpha Ursa Minor) 28* Gemini, a good leader who shows the way for others to follow

Royal Stars - $ 50,000

Regulus, (Alpha Leo), 28° Leo, brings success through honor and recognition
Antares, (Alpha Scorpius), 9° Sagittarius, brings success through dedication
Fomalhaut (Alpha Piscis), 3° Pisces, brings success through noble ideals

First Magnitude Stars - $25,000--$49,999

Procyon (Alpha Canis Minoris ), 25° Cancer, for those who spend their lives searching for a greater meaning
Capella (Alpha Aurigae), 21° Gemini, courageous people with a sense of destiny about them
Arcturus (Alpha Bootis), and Spica (Alpha Virginis), 23° Libra, these stars bring prominence, power and benefit
Sirius (Alpha Canis Majoris), 13° Cancer, the brightest star in the heavens, brings adventure and excitement
Betelgeuze (Alpha Orionis), 28° Gemini, perfectionists with a mathematical inclination
Vega (Alpha Lyrae), about 15 Capricorn, idealistic, but maybe taking challenges too seriously
Spica (Alpha Virgo) 23* Libra, the gift of new Knowledge

Second Magnitude Stars - $15,000--$24,999

Alhena (Gamma Geminorum), 8° Cancer, which gives curiosity and an independent mind
Bellatix (Gamma Orionis), about 20 Gemini, like Capella, gives courage and a sense of destiny
Castor (Alpha Geminorum), 19° Cancer, the mortal twin; a musician talented but headstrong and martial in nature
Dubhe (Alpha Ursae Majoris), 14° Leo, a pointer star of the Big Dipper, making a mark with a keen sense of history
Kochab (Beta Ursae Minoris), 13° Leo, a star of perseverance
Mirach (Beta Andromedae), 0° Taurus, passionate, ambitious risk-takers

Third Magnitude Stars - $10,000--$14,999

Acamar (Theta Eridani), 22° Aries, underneath the sober exterior lies the soul of an adventurer
Algorab (Delta Corvi), 13° Libra, brings fierce desire to see and do everything
Deneb Algedi (Delta Capricorni), about 23 Aquarius, where good and evil and other such dichotomies come together
Menkar (Alpha Ceti), 14° Taurus, where one is tested by adversity
Sabik (Eta Ophiuchi ), 17° Sagittarius, the shaman moving between worlds
Wasat (Delta Geminorum), about 18 Cancer, brings confidence but competitiveness in almost any arena

Aldebaran (Alpha Taurus) 9° Gemini, brings success through integrity - Jim Lewis Continuum Foundation

Fourth Magnitude Stars - $5,000--$9,999

We can find a star for you at almost any zodiacal degree.

Other donor recognition programs are available for those who prefer a “naming opportunity” or something other than Star recognition. Contact Enid Newberg, President, or Robert Hand, Chair of the Board of Trustees, to further discuss your interest in supporting Kepler.

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