From its inception, Kepler College has benefited from the generous donations of its supporters. Kepler has welcomed such support and wishes to continue to maintain and build relationships with its external communities. Donor recognition is the public acknowledgement of donations to Kepler.


1. This donor recognition policy applies to donors to Kepler College, hereafter called Kepler.

2. Recognition of private support will be independent of all appointments, admissions and curriculum decisions, which Kepler will continue in keeping with its established practices and mission. Recognition by way of naming opportunities associated with a particular facility or endowment will not preclude further naming within programs.

3. All donations will be acknowledged in writing and donors will receive a receipt in keeping with accounting regulations.

4. Anonymous Giving: Kepler College respects the wishes of donors who choose to make their gifts in private. In such cases, the college will use the word "anonymous" in tribute categories and in other forms of public recognition.

5. Facilities, programs or endowment funds or other activities supported by gifts may be named after a donor or a third party, at the wish of the benefactor, provided that the donation represents a significant part of the cost or is regarded as central to the completion of the project/program.

6. Kepler will maintain a record of cumulative donations for all donors.

7. Named Endowment Funds and Limited Term Funds: Kepler recognizes the value of endowment funds to support it in achieving its mission. Named endowment and limited term funds provide a means to acknowledge the gift. In the cases of matching funding opportunities from funding councils, foundations, corporations, governments or other partnerships, Kepler will include the matched funds in determining the level of naming opportunities.

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