Community webinars and short workshops are a marvelous way to learn about a range of astrological topics taught by experts in their field. 

Explore our upcoming webinars and workshops!

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  • Astrology for Beginners


    Astrology can lead you to a deeply satisfying depth of personal self-knowledge and self-development far beyond your astrological birthday sign.

    You can dive deeper into understanding yourself, family, friends, and eventually clients if you want to develop a professional practice. Take this first step into learning the

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    Click HERE to learn more about the Toastmasters session through an info session! 

    Kepler College is excited to offer an online Toastmasters group specifically for Astrologers. Here you can develop and hone your public speaking and leadership skills surrounded by people who speak the language of astrology. It's not mandatory

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  • Watch this short video interview with Cameron Allen for an overview of this workshop series!

    Welcome to a 12 workshop series where once a month we will explore each sign from a holistic and embodied perspective. We will explore the various components that make each what it is, as a

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  • How to Deal with 8th House Issues
    Catch a glimpse of your own shadow side!

    May 28 Martin Moritz Workshop

    10 am - 2 pm Pacific $59



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  • Delineation Tools: Planetary Cycles

    Free Community Webinar with Shu Yap
    June 11 @ 3:00 pm Pacific

    Planetary cycles is a foundational tool that can be used to determine planetary strength and analyse Natal Charts as well as predictive charts such as Transits, Solar Returns and Secondary Progressions and even Electional charts.

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