E400 Astronomy for Astrologers


E400 Astronomy for Astrologers cc-E400
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Instructor: Bruce Scofield.
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In today's world of astrological software and brightly lit cities, many astrologers have lost their direct connection to the astronomy underlying our craft.

Astronomy is the study of the nature, motions and history of the Earth's cosmic environment. In this course, specifically designed for Kepler College students, we will emphasize themes relevant to a general understanding of the subject rather than one involving technical knowledge and mathematics. Our text book is "The Evolving Universe" by Michael Zeilik, an easy to read college astronomy text with many illustrations and well-thought out exercise questions - a number of which are assigned. We begin the course with a week on cosmology - how the universe came into being, including the current Big Bang model, with the arguments pro and con.

Upon completion of the course you should have a solid foundation in astronomy and a much better understanding of how the subject developed historically and where it is today. You will understand the astronomy of ancient cultures and how astronomy is used in mapping the sky. You will learn much about current topics in solar system astronomy and you should also find articles on astronomy in magazines like Scientific American and Discover much easier to read and understand.

Required Materials for E400 Astronomy for Astrologers – Bruce Scofield
Aveni, Anthony. 1997. Stairways to the Stars: Skywatching in Three Great Ancient Cultures. John Wiley and Sons. ($5.89 – 22.00 Amazon)
Bakich, Michael F. 2000. The Cambridge Planetary Handbook. Cambridge Unv. Press. ($5.00 – 29.95 Amazon)

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