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Self-Study. Take up to 2 terms to complete. Lectures are all online.
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Astrology has a rich heritage stretching back thousands of years. We sometimes think of astrology as just one thing, but different cultures asked different questions as they found meaning in the ever-changing sky. This class offers a survey of the history of astrology, primarily in the West.

Instructor: Inga Thornell

Students will:

  • Examine how astrology originated in various cultures and what questions it sought to address
  • See how astrology became embedded in mainstream culture in these societies
  • Study the lineages in which different astrological theories developed
  • Examine the relationship between the history of science and religion, philosophy and mythology
  • Examine the changes in cosmology throughout history and how these changes affected society's attitudes.
  • Critique the intellectual shifts in religion and philosophy that led to the modern scientific and secular worldview, and the rejection of intuitive ways of knowing
  • Explore how changes in 20th century philosophy and science affected the arts and sciences, and how 21st century research is moving toward a more inclusive world view.

This course is required for the Certificate Diploma, although it can also be taken as an elective.

Required Materials for E300 Astrological Heritage through the Renaissance – Inga Thornell

Campion, Nicholas. 2009. A History of Western Astrology Volume I: The Ancient World. ($35.95 Amazon)
Campion, Nicholas. 2009. A History of Western Astrology Volume II: The Medieval and Modern Worlds. ($35.95 Amazon)

Link to required materials for all courses: https://www.keplercollege.org/index.php/required-books-for-courses

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