registerPredicting the future is an intuitive need in human nature. The ability of astrologers to make predictions is one of the main reasons why astrology has stood the test of time. The skilled make more accurate predictions, and it is this skill that can lead to higher wisdom.

Take any time! Self-study course (4 months to complete)

Predictive techniques like Secondary progressions, Solar Return Charts, Solar Arc progressions and especially Transits are widely used by modern astrologers. Some of the predictive techniques of classical astrology are often the source of our modern practice and can be successfully blended with modern methodologies.
Traditional predictive techniques help us to understand the patterns of fate. First the life is divided in main periods and then these periods are divided into small sub-periods. Thus we are able to both see the details and the general course of our life. The predictive techniques in Traditional Astrology are systemized and orderly. They give us certain rules for analysing the chart and making predictions. They propose a deductive approach while predicting the general course of life.
In this course you will learn and practice using:

• To use the Ages of Man technique for determining longer periods within a lifetime

• Prediction by Fidaria, a planetary period system from Abu Mashar which is similar to the dasha system in Vedic astrology

• Direction by terms and bounds which describes the types of events and developments that take place during specific time periods

• Direction by triplicity in 25-year segments applied to each of the houses

• Integration of the above traditional predictive techniques



Oner DoserÖner Döşer, the founder of AstroArt School of Astrology, School of Astrology Publishing, and Astrology Television on the internet, is an astrology consultant, author and lecturer. His studies represent an important trend in contemporary astrology: the blending of traditional and modern techniques and attitudes. He is teaching both traditional and modern astrological approach, and readings including psychological and evolutionary. Öner is the writer and co-writer of 21 books, 9 of which have been translated into English. He is an OPA Certified Professional Astrologer and the Turkish Satellite of OPA, ISAR Cap, and member of APAI.

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