registerChart calculation can seem pretty daunting. This course is for students who have tried to learn or started the process, but want to complete their learning at their own pace with additional guidance!

This course covers the process of calculating a natal chart. Students will learn to calculate charts from time zones around the world, as well as in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres. Students have six months to complete their work. The textbook used is Simply Math: A Comprehensive Guide to Easy & Accurate Chart Calculation by Lauren Fowks and Lynn Sellon.


Donna Young is a lifeloDonna Youngng learner and graduate of Kepler College.  After 30 years of marketing and advertising sales at a major daily newspaper, she hung up her shingle as an astrologer in Calgary, Alberta. She is dedicated to growing her local astrological community and is involved at a grassroots level in ringing astrologers together to share their language and experiences. Along with other Astrology organizations in Alberta she helps to coordinate a small but mighty provincial conference, teaches classes at a local level, offers private tutoring, and lectures to the community at large on the wonders of Astrology.