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DATE: December 15, 2019
TIME: 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM PST / 1:00 - 5:00 PM EST

Kenneth Miller will be your host as he interviews 8 different astrologers for their perspective on the most pressing issues arising in 2020! Join guests Georgia Stathis, Oner Doser, Kate Plumb, Gary Christen, April Elliott Kent, William Stickevers, Charlie Obert, Sam Reynolds, and receive bonus recordings from Gemini Brett, Nina Gryphon, and Maurice Fernandez

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  • Discover what's coming in the global economy and how this can impact your own finances ...
  • Identify the configurations that can affect you personally ...
  • See what trends will be highlighted politically around the globe ...

One host - eight speakers - 9 approaches to exploring the coming year. 

Speakers (alphabetical)

Gemini BrettAs a certifiable StarryTeller, GEMINI BRETT devotes his now as a living vow to the Marriage of Heaven and Earth. He began his formal study with the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School but has since synthesized his own terrestrially-tuned celestial stew by integrating ingredients from many ancient and modern paradigms. Brett's principle intention is to retrieve the Star Songs heard in times before the written word. He transmits the mysteries he finds in sacred sites and living sky through a system of embodied exercise he calls Earthstrology and through the sacred sciences of the Quadrivium: Geometry, Musical Harmony, Astronomy, and Number Magic. Gemini Brett is best known throughout cosmic circles as an astronomy-for-astrology authority and mystic mythologist, but the truth you'll find when you get to know this fiery Scorpio is that his techniques are designed to water the heart through re-membering Signs of the Messenger's Mind. Find the StarryTeller at GeminiBrett.com 

Oner DoserONER DOSER, the founder of AstroArt School of Astrology, School of Astrology Publishing, and Astrology TV is an astrology consultant, author, and lecturer, who completed the Robert Zoller Medieval Astrology Course and has been rewarded with a Diploma in Medieval Astrology (AMA). He has written 21 books, 9 of them translated into English, and his articles have been published in The Astrological Journal, The Career Astrologer and the ISAR web site. He has participated in several organizations abroad as a lecturer. He is a member of The Association of Professional Astrologers International (APAI), International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR) proficiency certificate holder and Turkey Satellite of Organization for Professional Astrology (OPA). He is teaching in AstroArt School of Astrology and giving periodical classes at Kepler College.

Gary ChristenGARY CHRISTEN is a well-known practitioner of Uranian Astrology, which he has evolved into modern Symmetrical Astrology. Gary is the first person in modern times awarded an accredited BA in Astrology (Livingston College, Rutgers University, 1974). Gary has been teaching since the early seventies and has practiced professionally since 1969. He was nominated for the 2018 Regulus Award and is currently President and CEO of Astrolabe, Inc. in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Astrolabe is the publisher of Solar Fire, Astrolabe Report System, ACS Atlas, Nova Chartwheels, Celeste and many other outstanding works in the field of astrology. Gary is currently working with Team Astrolabe on upgrades to Solar Fire and Nova Chartwheels.

Maurice FernandezMAURICE FERNANDEZ, the author of the books Neptune, the 12th House and Pisces (New Edition), and Astrology and the Evolution of Consciousness—Volume One, is a leading Evolutionary Astrology consultant and teacher, with a worldwide practice spanning close to three decades. Maurice currently serves as the president of The Organization of Professional Astrology (OPA), offering pioneering programs for astrologers. He is based in Arizona and directs a two year online professional diploma program with students from across the world. Website: www.mauricefernandez.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mauriceastrology/

Nina GryphonNINA GRYPHON is a practicing astrologer, magician, and corporate lawyer living in Los Angeles, California, with her husband, Robert. Nina practices traditional astrology, with a special emphasis on astrological magic. She writes a horary column for The Mountain Astrologer, as well as articles for her blog, and teaches classes and workshops worldwide. She publishes a popular monthly guide, Magical Elections, to the best upcoming magical elections, which includes detailed magical guidance and education. Her predictions have appeared in many major publications, and she has been interviewed on radio and TV. She received her JD, and MA/BA from Stanford University, and completed John Frawley’s Horary Apprenticeship. Since then, she has studied with Deborah Houlding, a leading traditional astrologer.

April Elliott KentAPRIL ELLIOTT KENT has practiced astrology professionally since 1990. She’s the author of three books, is a popular lecturer, and a member of OPA, ISAR, NCGR, and AFAN. She serves on the AFAN Steering Committee and as president of the San Diego Astrological Society. April graduated from San Diego State University with honors in Communication. She lives in San Diego’s Normal Heights neighborhood with her long-suffering husband and demanding cats. Her website is www.bigskyastrology.com.

Charlie ObertCHARLIE OBERT is a student of traditional astrology. He is the author of 5 books on traditional astrology topics that have been well received. These include Introduction to Traditional Astrology,  Using Dignities in Astrology,  and The Lots of Fortune and Spirit. Charlie is a philosophy and religion major and thinks it is important that astrologers take time to examine what kind of world our work assumes, and what are the implied values of that world. He is a regular instructor at Kepler college. You can learn more about Charlie's work and get in touch with him through his website, studentofastrology.com

Kate PlumbKATE PLUMB is a consulting astrologer who had her first astrological reading in 1971 in Brooklyn Heights. She has written for The Mountain Astrologer, writes a blog, offtheplumbtree.com, has taught astrology since before computers and lectured at the NCGR conference in NYC. Currently, she is studying Hellenistic Astrology with Chris Brennan and Demetra George. She also received her ACG* certification in 1991. Kate has a website Kateplumbastrology.com and sees clients in her home office in Sag Harbor, NY (eastern Long Island).

 Sam ReynoldsSAMUEL F. REYNOLDS, a former skeptic, had a life-changing visit to an astrologer and has since spent nearly 30 years doing charts and studying astrology. Now Samuel consults and teaches astrology full-time. He also serves on the board of directors for the International Society for Astrological Research and has written horoscopes for print and online publications, like Ebony and New York Magazine. His site is UnlockAstrology.com. You can connect with him on Instagram and Twitter at @sfreynolds.

Georgia StathisGEORGIA STATHIS has specialized in business and natal astrology since 1977 with a strong background in investment and real estate. Georgia is both an investor and a consulting astrologer and is the author of Business Astrology 101 and Pushing through Time: Synodic Cycles and their Developing Phases. Georgia is a board member of the National Hellenic Museum in Chicago, whose mission is to preserve Hellenistic Culture, and is chairwoman and one of the founders of the Alexandria iBase Project, whose mission is to preserve astrological literature for the future.

William StickeversWILLIAM STICKEVERS is an astrological consultant, life coach, and business strategist, advising clients from 28 countries for over three decades with strategy and insight to live a more fulfilled life according to their soul's code and calling. A trends forecaster, William’s annual global forecasts are backed by a deep study of economics, geopolitics, archetypal cosmology, and modern astrological forecasting techniques. William has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, The Unexplained with Howard Hughes, Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes and JV Johnson, The Jerry Wills Show, and Alan Steinfeld’s New Realities. An international speaker, William has lectured at the New York Open Center, Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.), the United Astrology Conference (2018), and two Funai Media events in Tokyo, Japan. Information on consultations, webinars, courses, and upcoming events at www.williamstickevers.com.

Your Host

Miller KennethKenneth Miller, Astrologer ACVA Level II, Jyotish Kovid (CVA), Jyotish Medha Shree (ICAS)
Kenneth earned his MA in Eastern and Western Traditions: The History, Philosophy and Transmission of Astrology from Kepler College. He also attended the American College of Vedic Astrology, where he achieved a Level II certification and is certified a Jyotish Kovid from the Council of Vedic Astrology. He received his BA in Anthropology, Psychology, and Religious Studies from the University of Colorado: Boulder.

Kenneth is a former President of Kepler College and has served on various astrological organization boards through the years: CVA, ISAR, NCGR, and SDAS. He loves astrology and is eager to serve the Jyotir Vidya (Goddess/Knowledge of Astrology). In addition to Indian astrology, Kenneth has studied Modern western astrology with Helena Elizabeth Ruhnau, Hellenistic astrology with Demetra George and Robert Schmidt, Medieval astrology with Robert Zoller, and Renaissance astrology with Lee Lehman. He is one of the few professional astrologers with a working knowledge of all of these traditions.

After years of having his newspaper horoscope read to him by his mom, Kenneth D. Miller made the shocking discovery that all the planets were involved in astrological judgments. At age 13 he taught himself how to cast a chart by hand. This began a lifelong interest in astrology and astrological traditions. He remained an amateur western astrologer studying with various teachers until the mid-1990s, when he was exposed to Indian (Vedic) astrology, and after a few years decided to make a mid-life career switch to become a professional astrologer.

In addition to Indian astrology, Kenneth has studied Modern western astrology with Helena Elizabeth Ruhnau, Hellenistic astrology with Demetra George and Robert Schmidt, Medieval astrology with Robert Zoller, and Renaissance astrology with Lee Lehman. He is one of the few professional astrologers with a working knowledge of all of these traditions. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kenneth teaches in the following courses:









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