purchaseSteps for working with a 12th house moon:
What are the lessons, the challenges and the “hidden” gifts?

DATE: December 8, 2018
TIME: 9:30-11:30 AM PST / 12:30-2:30 PM EST

Interpreting planets in the 12th house can be difficult. This workshop will help you better understand this house of unseen forces by focusing on the Moon - after all, roughly one in twelve of us have a 12th house Moon! And for those who don't - every month, the Moon transits this house.

How can we best work with the Moon in the 12th?
How do you relate to a person with a 12th house Moon?
How do we work with the monthly lunar cycle as it enters "Grandma's Attic?"

Michael will help you answer these questions through a look at the solitary self and the characteristics of a 12th house Moon. He will cover practical ideas for finding time for personal space and being alone; considerations for spiritual practice; and asking for help with potential anxieties and fears.

bartlett 12th house moon 400w

Michael BartlettMichael Bartlett is a practicing Astrologer and Business Consultant who lives in Santa Fe, NM. Michael brings a grounded astrological understanding which he sees in visual images and metaphors. He uses these visual metaphors to translate Astrological archetypes in an accessible manner for the level and understanding of each client he sees.

Michael practices traditional and esoteric astrology, grounded in his Core Energetics background. He co-creator of AstroTheatre AstroCards -an app that represents astrology in a visual manner. He is always deepening his astrological understanding utilizing knowledge from as many sources as he feels are applicable given the needs of his client. He has a background in a body oriented process called Core Energetics. This gives him the ability to help clients look at their issues in different ways and, if they are interested, provide them with the tools to work through the issues which life has and/or will present them. He is currently working on writing a book on planets on the angles.

 He teaches at Kepler College and is available for readings, experiential intensives, teaching and speaking engagements. You can contact him at Michael@CoreEnergetics or www.CoreMichael.com.