registerHave you had a hard time defining your 12th house planets? This workshop will help you uncover your own blocks and instead find gold in the depths of the 12th house.

6-hour workshop over two weekends
24 March 9:00-11:00 am PST and 11:30-1:30 PST
31 March 9:00-11:00 am PST
6 hours $75
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Michael will help students explore and define the inner secrets necessary to navigate the labyrinthine world of the 12th house. Students will gain the tools to see structure and truth within this formless, liminal, ætheric place. 

In the first part of the workshop, Michael will describe the foundations and technical work in order to build your 12th house astrological vocabulary. The journey begins by deconstructing the meaning of the magnificent wanderers - the planets, when they reside in the 12th house.  As students gain a greater understanding of the archetypes of the planets, they can use the 12th house "lens" in order to see how planets will express themselves: un-accessible, hidden in-between. Do planets in the 12th or the ruler of the 12th tend to bind the native to a life of imprisonment or not? How can these factors also allow you to blossom?

The following Saturday, participants can offer their personal or client charts (with permission obtained, of course) to be used as examples. Real charts can be an effective vehicle to better understand how twelfth house dynamics play out in a person's life. This will be an organic and interactive part of the workshop. Students are asked to share only what they are willing as the class explores individual questions and concerns while working with this illusive house. The goal is to look into sensitive spaces with loving compassion and a sense of humour as our guides.

This workshop will be recorded, so charts will not have personal information on them. Please be aware of sharing personal information. Confidentiality and sensitivity will be honoured.

Presenter Michael Bartlett

Michael BartlettMichael Bartlett is a practicing Astrologer and Business Consultant who lives in Santa Fe, NM. Michael brings a grounded astrological understanding which he sees in visual images and metaphors. He uses these visual metaphors to translate Astrological archetypes in an accessible manner for the level and understanding of each client he sees.

Michael practices traditional and esoteric astrology, grounded in his Core Energetics background. He co-creator of AstroTheatre AstroCards -an app that represents astrology in a visual manner. He is always deepening his astrological understanding utilizing knowledge from as many sources as he feels are applicable given the needs of his client. He has a background in a body oriented process called Core Energetics. This gives him the ability to help clients look at their issues in different ways and, if they are interested, provide them with the tools to work through the issues which life has and/or will present them. He is currently working on writing a book on planets on the angles.

 He teaches at Kepler College and is available for readings, experiential intensives, teaching and speaking engagements. You can contact him at Michael@CoreEnergetics or

Michael provided a taste of what you can uncover when you work with the 12th house in his webinar earlier this year. Participants in this workshop will receive a copy of this recording as a bonus!