purchaseWould you like to increase your skill with astrology? Would you like to learn more about the modern esoteric approach to the Qabala? Do you feel like your astrology acumen has plateaued, and you’re not sure what to explore next in order to enrich it?

The Qabala was developed from the sacred mystic tradition of the Hebrew people, and its study and integration into astrology can provide a unique skill set for those that are looking to further develop.

If you have limited experience with astrology, yet an interest in the Qabala, this workshop may be just what you need to take your studies to the next level by introducing you to basic astrological concepts in a way that is a mainstay of the western esoteric tradition.

The basic principle is that no one can fully understand God, AKA the Godhead, by looking on it directly. However, if it is broken down into smaller pieces, it can be studied and understood. Hence the Qabala is the study of broken down facets of the Godhead/God. By working with this material, you can increase your understanding and connection with divinity.

We will take a closer look at many different Qabalistic themes, cover fundamental concepts and principles, and will show how this material can be applied to day to day life. We will also look at how it intersects with astrology, the tarot, and other various modalities in the western tradition. Numerous handouts will be provided. 

The Qabala has several spelling variations. In recent times, these are used to help distinguish between different approaches to this mystical tradition. Kabballah is usually used when speaking about the original Jewish tradition that began in the 13th century. The Cabalah is most often used to denote the Christian approach to this material that became widespread during the 1500's and later. The Qabala spelling most often denotes a more modern esoteric approach that became popular during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Instructor: Bill Duvendack


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Rev Bill Duvendack is a lifelong practitioner and student of the western mysteries, as well as being an internationally known astrologer; specifically, an esoteric astrologer, presenter, psychic, teacher, clairvoyant, and author. With 12 years of teaching experience, Bill brings practical applications of metaphysical teachings center stage.

He is an ordained independent Spiritualist minister who can provide ceremonies of any faith and type in accord with one’s beliefs. He has performed everything from weddings and handfastings to baby naming and blessing ceremonies, as well as remembrance services.  He is ordained through Circle of Light Independent Spiritualist Church, and has sat on the church board in various capacities over the last ten years. He is also a legally certified medium. He is also initiated in the Golden Dawn tradition, the Deboran tradition of witchcraft, and is an ordained priest and bishop in the EGNU. He is also the high priest of the Temple of Ascending Flame.

When it comes to astrology, he is a lifetime member and President of the Astrological Association of St Louis, where he lectures frequently. He has also written articles for many local papers, and has a monthly blog and free electronic newsletter on his website. He also writes monthly horoscopes for the metaphysical resource center Pathways, where he teaches classes on astrology and the western esoteric tradition, meets with clients, and gives divination readings. His monthly Sun sign horoscopes are also available on his website and the Pathways website.

He has presented in many different venues, ranging from public libraries, high schools, and colleges, to private groups and gatherings such as the Pagan Picnic in St Louis, Pagan Pride, Pantheacon, Babalon Rising, the SIDHE Festival, the Left Hand Path Consortium, and the Paracon. He has made many media appearances on Fox television, NBC, and the CW; interviews with local papers, and has been interviewed by the NY Times and RTE 1 radio from Dublin, Ireland, in addition to local radio station KMOX.

Regarding the Western Esoteric Mystery Tradition, he has been working with that system for 30 years, and has much experience with its teachings. He is an internationally published author of five books written about different aspects of the western tradition: Vocal Magick and Spirit Relations were published through Immanion Press, In the Shadow of the Watchtower, Enochian Grimoire Volume 1, was released through Sirius Limited Esoterica, The Metaphysics of Magick was self-published, and Awakening Lucifer, co-written with Asenath Mason, was published through Become a Living God. He also has over a dozen essays published in various anthologies from a variety of publishers, and a lot of his magical writings have been translated into six different languages.

His skills and experiences include, but are not limited to, ceremonial magick and many of its more specialized branches, such as Enochian; shamanism, paganism of all types, familiarity with the Afro-Caribbean diasporic traditions, divination, evocations, invocations, Theosophy, working with semi-precious stones, ghost hunting and paranormal investigations, past life regressions, and exorcisms. He is a member of the Fellowship of Isis as well as BOTA, and was founder of the now dormant coven ‘Luna’s Veiled Wisdom’, as well as a co-founder of the dormant magical lodge ‘Sanctum Sub Rosa’, which was aligned with the Congregational Illuminism current. His experience also includes being familiar with and working with, Hinduism, in particular mantras and pujas, familiarity with Tantra, and Buddhism.

Mundanely, he has a bachelor’s degree in media communications, with an emphasis in photojournalism, with minors in religious studies and computer applications.

He is also available for private consultations of most varieties. For more information, feel free to contact him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or visit the website: www.418ascendant.com.