registerThe techniques Robert Glasscock used in his 3-Hour Solar Arcs Webinar of 11/4/17 for his remarkably accurate predictions for Donald Trump and the United States. Students have requested an unprecedented 18th 5-week series of his Solar Arc Practicums - now concentrating on public figures' and participants' horoscopes.

Begins February 22, 2020 (5 Weeks - $100)
9:00-11:00 am PST (12 noon-2:00 pm EST)

The longest-running continuous Solar Arcs Practicums anywhere (now in our 3rd year)! Join remarkable astrologers and students who've previously analyzed solar arcs in mundane horoscopes to accurately predict current events before they hit the news.

Now, in Glasscock's new Practicum, a deep-dive into solar arc techniques not taught anywhere else. Demonstrated in a wide variety of famous horoscopes and participants' charts (in addition to mundane charts as students and political events may call for) - using what Noel Tyl calls "astrology's most successful predictive system."

Relatively advanced practicums, combining interactive in-depth techniques with forward and converse Solar Arcs, Solar Arc Midpoint techniques and transits. 

Some familiarity with Solar Arcs required, but everybody wanting to apply them in charts is welcome to join, practice, learn and share a unique experience with the largest, best, most dedicated continuing group of practitioners applying solar arc astrology in the world! Hone your skills. Build confidence!

(Full recordings of each session are included even if unable to attend. Recordings of previous sessions can also be purchased  (these contain no participants' horoscopes analyses). Build your audio-visual library for future reference!)

"Love how all of this was predicted in the practicums.
Really honored to be part of this historic group of astrologers!" - C. Dolphin (6-5-2018)

"The most fascinating class ever and is the highlight of my week.
We are learning the nuts and bolts of solar arcs and wonderful techniques."
D. Yuna

"The techniques are really helping my astrological practice, amazingly so in a number of ways. 
I look forward to the class every week." - C. Zdrowski

Guided, interactive analysis, interpretation and forecasts. The student-driven workshops concentrate on horoscopes of prominent figures from all walks of life.

Learn to spot annual trends, upcoming events and opportunities for this and any year ahead - from your once-in-a-lifetime solar arc aspects. (You've never had them before, and will never have them again. They're that important. Know how to work with them to maximize your life!)

Reinhold Ebertin's "The Combination of Stellar Influences" is used as a standard reference for midpoint trees / interpretations. And participants learn to go far beyond those, using Robert Glasscock's techniques from over 55 years in the business.

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