registerIgnite renewed passion for your life and a deep sense of purpose by reconnecting with the field of masculine and feminine qualities and the nature of your personal energy. 

DATE: Saturday Dec 16, 2017
TIME: 9am - 12pm PST / 12pm - 3pm EST

Choose to ever-pursue the conscious alignment of your will power with the Will of your Deeper or Higher Self. As you become more intimate with your masculine nature, you’ll discover what really “turns you on” and what it takes to get you actively pursuing your truest desires.

Your instincts, energy, and confidence increase as you empower your inherent drive to live – in your own, unique way. One of the greatest gifts you’ve given yourself (via Mars), is the ability to choose yourself first - in ways that are a win across the Universe.    

In this workshop, we will touch on masculine and feminine fundamentals and then launch into an in-depth exploration of Mars, with ideas on how to express and integrate the masculine. Healthy, flowing masculine energy is a source of vitality, physical energy, potency, will power, life force, creation, exploration, excitement, and initiation. It enables us to act on our own behalf.

We can liken the planet Mars to birth – the force of our individual existence. Repressing, denying, or manipulating the parts of us represented by Mars leads to great physical and emotional consequences. We can’t intellectualize our way out of Mars’ issues – they hit us right in the body, and have the potential to run us into the ground. 

These days, it’s not so easy to live in natural balance and dynamic synergy between our feminine and masculine natures. In many ways, our modern society has overemphasized the masculine, and then, in reaction, some of us vehemently judge and blame it for our problems. We’ve closely related male with masculine, making it difficult to distinguish between the two.

Why are we so easily seduced into categorizing, and then promoting one group or type over another? We often tend to react in extremes, and we cling to our history (what we think we “know”). Your personal “story” about men, for example, holds a great deal of power over your decisions and interactions with men, and over accepting and actualizing your own masculine nature. It’s not so easy to free yourself from an old story and move on to something new. It’s virtually impossible without the function within you symbolized by Mars. Next time you are put-off by aggression, competition and selfishness, you would do well to remember why these qualities exist – they keep you alive!