"Astrology's most successful predictive system." – Noel Tyl.  Join Robert Glasscock for a SPECIAL 3-HOUR WEBINAR on Solar Arcs

DATE: Saturday, November 4, 2017
TIME: 9 am - 12:00 pm PDT / 12:00 - 3:00 pm EDT (with a short break)
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Everything you need to know about Solar Arcs, including two techniques some astrologers have heard of but many have never seen demonstrated. Robert Glasscock takes you deep into the history, meaning, significance and techniques of forward and converse Solar Arcs – putting them to the test in horoscopes from Donald Trump to the United States' chart. A thorough grounding in the full use of Solar Arcs – and what lies ahead in one of the most polarizing eras in history – in 3 information-packed hours.

Topics include:

  1. Solar Arcs history and evolution
  2. Forward and Converse Solar Arcs
  3. All Solar Arc aspects are especially significant – literally "once in a lifetime"
  4. What does it mean that planets' Houses and Aspects never change in the Solar Arc chart (though their degrees, signs, decanates and duads do)?
  5. The importance of transits (including eclipses) to Solar Arc horoscopes.
  6. Midpoints with Forward & Converse Solar Arcs
  7. Transits to Solar Arc horoscopes

Presenter: Robert Glasscock

Glasscock RobertFor over 50 years (and 40,000 clients!), Robert Glasscock has been a Los Angeles-based astrologer consulting with clients from over 122 countries. For many years he authored over 250,000 words annually in “American Astrology Magazine’s” monthly and Annual Yearbook issues for Publisher Joanne Clancy. His writings for newspaper columns, magazine articles and anthologies have been cited by Liz Greene, among others.

Having begun to build his own clientele, Bob was invited to study with Linda Goodman in the ‘60s. Since she no longer saw clients (intently writing her second book), she referred her clients to Bob. He became an early member of Joan McEvers’ and Marion March’s Aquarius Workshops, lecturing there as well as national conferences and conventions. He’s been invited to address a variety of forums from the Bank of Beverly Hills’ after-work seminars to the UCLA Medical Wives Association to political, professional, media, civic and religious organizations.

"It amazes me to look back and realize, conservatively, that in 50 years I have worked with over 40,000 clients in person, by telephone, through correspondence. Often two, three, four or more a day.

“My favorite thing? Teaching. It’s such a joy to see many of my students go on to become terrific professional astrologers. Not because I’m so great. They were already good astrologers when they found me.

“But if I showed them some things they might not have learned elsewhere . . . or an approach to and philosophy of astrology that helped them find and define their own . . . then, wonderful. If I gave them something that made them better - I can say the same to them.

“Because it’s not only true that, ‘When the student is ready, the teacher will appear’ . . . it’s also true that, 'The teacher learns more than the student.'”