Our planetary system is embedded in the global and individual psyche, in the brain as receptors, and in the world brain as an archetypal experience. 

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Live meetings held on Saturdays, beginning October 28th
Time: 9-11 AM Pacific / 12-2 PM Eastern
Course includes a course-website with additional materials, assignments, written discussions and more

In this course, students will examine planetary archetypes and archetypal characteristics, including those discussed in the works of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell. We will discover how these appear experientially and psychologically in both natal charts and mundane charts of the collective. The identifiable archetypal influences useful to modern astrological practice will also be explored and applied.

We can trace the origins of the astrological planets to the classical gods. Their realms both classically and psychologically are a reflection of the realm of the archetypal. Planets do not make us “do” anything, but they seem to be remarkably in collusion with the archetypes of the deep Self.

The planets, as archetypes, are ambassadors from our deep core-Self to our reality world – from the archaic archetypes to their most personal expressions; from the Global ethos, to our Society/Culture, to our Family and, ultimately, to YOU.


sullivan erinErin Sullivan’s 45 years as an astrologer has brought her international recognition. Her 6 books are classics, and are read worldwide in several languages, and on the reading list of major schools around the world. Erin's consulting practice is global, integrating all aspects of contemporary astrology. She has an online Training Course. She was Series Editor for Arkana, CAS, London, UK, and published some of the best minds in our field. Background in cosmology, archetypal astrology, and classics feeds her astrological philosophy. She is both profound and witty. Erin has a very full and creative website, which has hundreds of articles, free podcasts, over 135 mp3's for home study . . . and her site is: www.erinsullivan.com