register blueIn response to student requests, Robert Glasscock again leads a 5-week practicum using contemporary techniques for horary questions.

DATE: Begins Sunday May 5, 2019 (5 Weeks) 
TIME: 4:00-6:00 PM Pacific / 7:00-9:00 PM Eastern
A link to join the online class will be sent no later than one week prior to the workshop.

These 5 weeks are open to everybody, but registration is limited. It’s an opportunity to further practice the techniques learned in “Horary Power” using actual horary questions in real time, with instant feedback from participants / querents.

Each practicum explores various types of horary question: Straight Option, Contingent Option, Either-or Option, Sequential Option and Reciprocal Option – including Non-Option and Multiple Question perspectives.

How each week works:

  1. Several days before each practicum, I send you one or more horary questions – provided by you! (and the horoscope for the spacetime information you provide with your or clients' questions, so we’re all on the same page.)
    1. When you understand and ask your question – or when a client asks – include the date, time and your location.
    2. I have example questions prepared for Week 1, but – 
      1. If you register, feel free to email me significant horary questions that come up for you, or from others – between now and May 5th. (Then we can immediately begin with your actual horary questions.)
  2. In each workshop, participants interactively analyze charts for inquiries – using contemporary horary techniques.
  3. I ask leading questions exploring why and where you derive your answers – and answer technical questions as they arise.
  4. I always try to s-t-r-e-t-c-h us with additional interpretative factors, pertinent and helpful to the querent – which might not otherwise have been considered

Repeated practice answering real horary questions with professional guidance is the surest, fastest way to gain confidence, clarity and insight with the amazing usefulness of this branch of astrology (especially for those fresh from the techniques covered in “Horary Power”).

These practicums

  • are excellent for astrologers already knowledgeable about horary techniques – looking to expand their understanding, depth and familiarity with horary astrology, and . . . 
  • give those seeking guided practice a weekly opportunity to work on a variety of real horary questions – with Robert Glasscock's feedback.