Essential Skills for Running Your Business in the Digital Age

Every other Thursday, 11 a.m. PDT 
 Feb. 11 through May 12

21st Century solopreneurs need to develop a few essential skills to become efficient, productive and successful. Astrologer and uber-Virgo Donna Woodwell leads this webinar series of pragmatic, nuts-and-bolts skills trainings to help you get your small business running smoothly. All of the sessions in the first Lunch & Learn series are designed to help you SAVE TIME.

Each session is only $15 to attend live (and ask your questions), or receive the downloaded recording (and listen at your leisure).


Previous sessions: 

  • Feb. 11: Internet Writing Tips that Attract Readers 
  • Feb 25: Seven Keys to Maximizing Your Productivity
  • Mar. 10: Transform Social Media from Time-Waster to Treasure 
  • Mar. 24: Tame Your Email Inbox Monster Forever (and Never Miss Your Client’s Requests)
  • Apr. 7: Create Compelling Power Point Presentations
  • Apr. 21: Grow Your Email Marketing List (and keep up with your clients)

Woodwell Donna 100Kepler Instructor Donna Woodwell, MA, studies productivity trainings for fun. (Yes, she is a Virgo – 4 planets plus the Midheaven!) She’s also a full-time professional astrologer (and single mom!) so she’s faced all these issues herself in building her own practice. She teaches professional development courses at Kepler because she believes by empowering astrologers to be successful, astrology itself benefits.

Donna holds master's degrees in Journalism/Communication and Latin American Studies, and has worked as a professional reporter, editor, translator and fundraiser. A former member of the ISAR and NCGR boards, Donna now serves the astrology community by helping astrologer’s learn to better market their businesses in the internet age. Find out more about Donna at