As the world continues to experience climate change, as infrastructure continues to decay, as radioactivity continues to spew from Fukushima, what can we, as astrologers do to comprehend these problems, and ultimately make life choices for ourselves and our families? 

The purpose of this course is to present astrological methods to study, understand, and predict these problems. Many astrologers have fruitfully used astrology to help navigate their personal waters. There are also astrological methods to examine larger questions.

If you believe that you are living in a period in which these bigger concerns will impact your wellness and your life, then you owe it to yourself to learn to see the bigger astrological picture. With knowledge comes choices.

In this ground-breaking course, J. Lee Lehman returns to her own academic discipline of environmental sciences to create a bridge between Earth changes and the souls who will experience these changes. Using Charles Carter's Doctrine of Subsumption, we will explore these questions with an eye toward maximizing our own possibilities within a matrix of change.


1. Can astrometeorology be adapted to environmental changes?
2. Mid-term mundane forecasting methods
3. The astrology of land use
4. The astrology of air pollution
5. The astrology of global water
6. The astrology of energy