Medieval astrology is a multifaceted art comprised of several different branches and philosophical outlooks.

Workshops held Fall 2015

There are five branches of Medieval astrology; horary, electional, magic, natal, and mundane. These workshops provide the student with an introduction to this rich tradition. 

Butler RyhanRyhan Butler is a practicing astrologer from the Dallas, TX area. He has lectured both nationally and locally, hoping to spread the use of medieval techniques to those who would otherwise not encounter them or immediately see their use. He is the administrator of the Medieval Astrology Guide website, which is a resource for the concepts and techniques of medieval astrology. Ryhan is also actively involved in the astrological community as a member of AYA and is currently on the steering committee of AFAN. 

Not familiar with Medieval Astrology? Want a Taste of what These Workshops Cover?

Below is Ryhan's webinar on Medieval Astrology presented for Kepler College. Below that is the list of the individual workshops.


Introductory Concepts: Classical Astrology for Neophytes (recording available)

Tailored for the new or interested student of classical astrological tecniques, this workshop focuses on identifying and explaining basic technical concepts. With a strong focus on applied philosophy, this workshop covers the whys, whats, and hows of planetary nature, aspects, dignity and debility, and more.

Horary Astrology: The Way of Questions (recording available)

Horary astrology's claim to fame is the ability to answer specific questions based on an astrological chart drawn for the moment in time where an astrologer understand's someone's question and situation. Horary provides much more than a yes or no answer though, its real strength lies in the ability offer insight and guidance to people as they try to make the most informed decisions possible.

This workshop focuses on introducing basic horary techniques and applying them to questions focused on health, career, and relationships with a strong emphasis on counseling and advising rather than simply answering.

Electional Astrology: The Way of Timing (recording available)

Astrology sees each moment in time as a unique individual filled with its own potentials and pitfalls. This is strikingly different from the modern conceptualization of time as a background event. With this awareness, the astrologer sees time as an environment all its own capable of offering boon or bane to events that occur during those moments.
This workshop teaches the basics techniques of classical electional astrology including the process of rooting, the ability to identify the quality of any given moment in time, and how to craft your own elections.

Astrological Magic: The Way of the Spirit (recording available)

Magic and astrology are intimately related. Using electional astrological techniques, talismans created at particular moments can carry around the astral energies present in the sky at their creation. Talismans can be applied to solve a myriad of problems or to assist in giving astrology more of a practical spiritual dimension.
This workshop focuses on the classical philosophy of astral magic and introduces the astrological techniques necessary to identify times to create talismans for various purposes. The ultimate goal is for participants to leave with all the requisite skill and knowledge to create their own astrological talismans should they so choose.

Natal Astrology: The Way of the Self (recording available)

Classical natal astrology seeks to describe and predict events surrounding an individual's life. Contemporary astrology has shifted the focus of natal charts to character description and analysis of the psyche, but classical techniques are more concerned with what an individual will experience in various areas of life.
In this workshop, participants will learn preliminary natal calculations, how to delineate the houses within a natal context, and timing techniques to identify periods of success, mediocrity, and difficulty.