register nowFor the first time in two years, Robert Glasscock presents an expanded series of private interactive workshops on the Signs.

Begins Saturday, Oct 10, 2015
12 weeks from 11 AM - 1 PM PDT

For the first time in two years, Robert Glasscock presents an expanded 12-week series of private interactive workshops using students’ horoscopes – “Notes on Essentials of Astrology: The Signs” – based on over 50 years and more than 40,000 clients from over 120 countries.

The Signs are one of the 4 essential cornerstones in reading horoscopes. (The other 3? The Planets, Houses and Aspects).

Learn techniques to know every Sign backwards and forwards for giving dynamic, accurate in-depth readings without memorizing cookbook definitions! (These workshops don't simply repeat information found in books: they are techniques and insights from Glasscock's 50+ years of professional practice.)

“You offer rare insights in a concise, well-presented manner, and you provide knowledge that I have not found anywhere else.” – B. Salerno

Adding techniques like Progressions, Solar Arcs and Transits to your organic, reliable understanding of how to know the Signs in detail (without trying to “memorize” and parrot cookbook definitions) frees you to read horoscopes at ever-greater levels of confidence, accuracy and proficiency for yourself, your family, your friends and clients.

Each 2-hour in-depth, hands-on workshop in this special weekend series (one Sign each week / 12 weeks) includes theory, history, techniques and (most importantly) applied astrology using students’ charts and horoscopes of public figures – with interactive Q & A throughout.

“I must say how much I enjoyed the workshop.
As a beginner in astrology the 
workshops really inspired me to delve deeper.” – S. Harvey

One Sign, in-depth, each week (students’ charts to illustrate)

  • What the Signs are
  • Signs and Life Scripts for areas of living
  • Transactional Analysis - an easy-to-understand but profound model for astrological analysis and consultation.
  • Scripts / Myths / Roles
  • Origination, Initiative & Cardinal Signs
  • Transmission, Refinement, Transition & Mutable Signs
  • Stability, Security & Fixed Signs

“Fabulous, most informative and jaw-dropping.” – E. Zamora

(11 am PDT / 2 pm EDT)