A Special Extended Kepler Webinar

4 hours (10-15 minute break), Saturday, August 15 – 8:00 am – 12 noon PDT

“I have learned so many details that are not traditionally taught.” D. Hardy, student (06/02/2015)

Relationships are a crucial issue brought to astrologers: with partners, relatives, children, friends, employers, co-workers and colleagues. Singles wonder if, how and when they’ll ever find their Soul Mate. Couples worry how they’ll resolve a challenge they face together. Astrology provides often untapped hidden revelations illuminating why and how our relationships are what they are (or aren’t).

“You always present so much information in a class. I will be reviewing these lectures for some time.” B. Tomlinson, student (06/08/2015)

We relate to people differently depending on context. We don’t relate identically with retail clerks and bosses; physicians and mates; friends and a new romance. We have no real or reliable means for understanding which relationships are likely to fail and hurt, or to succeed and exhilarate – and when – except through astrology’s perspective on how all factors involved reveal our personal evolution with others – Past, Present and Future.

"People must surely run out of positive descriptors when attempting to tell you how incredibly amazing you are in being able to describe people that you have never talked to or seen." M. Aistrich, student (07/06/2015)

Robert Glasscock’s special 4-hour intensive for Kepler illustrates 15 topics and techniques essential for analyzing any relationship through astrology, developed from over 50 years of international consulting.


  • The clear distinctions between 5th, 7th & 11th House relationships
  • "Marriage" in Your Horoscope
  • The "Mystical Conjunction"
  • "Soul Mates" – (Who? When? Ever?)
  • Sex & Physical Passion – (Including LGBT sexuality)
  • Marriage & Jung’s Shadow
  • The Hidden Conflicts in "Marriage"
  • Derivative Houses and Relationships – The Key
  • Signs on the 7th
  • Planets in the 7th
  • Aspects to / from the 7th
  • Transits to the 7th
  • Eclipses in the 7th
  • Synastry (Composite Charts, Space-Time Midpoint Charts, Comparisons)
  • The Capacity for Happiness in Relationships (The Horoscope’s Revelations)