“Keys to 6 months ahead for you (your Sun Sign / Ascendant), your mate, children, friends, employer.”

In addition to private practice, for many years Robert Glasscock wrote the monthly and comprehensive Annual Digest issues of American Astrology Magazine. Now, for Kepler College, he forecasts for all 12 signs’ for the rest of 2015 – in depth. Everything from spiritual to practical insights and details! 

Take notes on your future to share with friends and clients!


Glasscock RobertFor over 50 years (and 40,000 clients!), Robert Glasscock has been a Los Angeles-based astrologer consulting with clients from over 122 countries. For many years he authored over 250,000 words annually in “American Astrology Magazine’s” monthly and Annual Yearbook issues for Publisher Joanne Clancy. His writings for newspaper columns, magazine articles and anthologies have been cited by Liz Greene, among others.