Instructors: Kenneth Miller & Tamira McGillivray

register-purpleWorking with Challenging Planets - Remedial Measures Level II (4 sessions plus course site $197)
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This course is to develop your skill at evaluating and analyzing a chart to determine what type of things you can do to help with challenging planets. This is known as applying remedial measures. This course will help you evaluate different types of options to effectively address challenging planets. You will explore how to help a planet function at its best in the natal chart or in a transit to the natal chart. For example: Can gemstones help? Which ones? What about working with color? Giving to a charity? Playing sports? What about a prayer or a mantra? Angel work? 

With instructor guidance, each week students will analyze at least two charts to outline potential remedial measures. 

Kenneth MillerKenneth Miller has a BA in Anthropology, Psychology, and Religious Studies from University of Colorado: Boulder as well as an MA in Eastern and Western Traditions: The History, Philosophy and Transmission of Astrology from Kepler College. He also has American College of Vedic Astrology: Level II certification and Council of Vedic Astrology: Jyotish Kovid certification.

In addition to Indian astrology, Kenneth has studied Modern western astrology with Helena Elizabeth Ruhnau, Hellenistic astrology with Demetra George and Robert Schmidt, Medieval astrology with Robert Zoller, and Renaissance astrology with Lee Lehman. He is one of the few professional astrologers with a working knowledge of all of these traditions.

Tamira McGillivrayTamira McGillivray holds a BA in East West Traditions &Astrology 2007 through Kepler College and has taken courses from the MA in Astrology and Cosmology at the University of Wales, Trinity St. David. She belongs to OPA (The Organization for Professional Astrologers) and is the Past President of the San Diego chapter of the National Council of Geocosmic Research (NCGR). She writes a weekly “Silverdisc” Astro Lunar Column and is the founder and editor of the Maven Newsletter.

She is also a Meditation teacher, Usui / Karuna Reiki Master (1996), PLR/Quantum Healing certified and RYT Yoga Teacher. She has been using remedial measures on a regular basis in addition to a variety of energy techniques to meet her clients individual needs.