Sept 23, 2014
From 10 am to 4 pm Pacific Time

Join us for an equinox celebration of astrology. We have 12 special speakers and 6 conversations - tune in each hour and discover something new! Our topics for the day unlock the story in the chart, move through predictive methods, stretch through time from Hellenistic to modern, explore aspect divisions and the connections between Western and Vedic. All proceeds will go toward Kepler's student scholarships. 


You can join us at any time during the day. Everyone who signs up with receive a recording of events for the entire day, so you don't need to worry about missing anything.

10-11 AM PDT Unlocking the Story in the Chart

Speakers: Gloria Star and Donna Woodwell

Gloria StarGloria Star has been a professional astrologer, author and teacher for over three decades, Gloria's work in astrology is far-reaching. She has provided insights to her international clientele, illuminated through the light of astrological and metaphysical understanding. She has presented lectures and workshops on astrology, metaphysics and personal growth in venues ranging from small groups to gatherings of over 1000. Her writing and editing encompasses 29 astrology books and annuals, countless articles for magazines and newspapers, columns in-print and online. She has also conceptualized and written text for four unique astrological computer report writers, and is currently crafting a new report writer. Additionally, she has worked on behalf of the community of astrologers from local to international levels as a board member, committee chair, advisor and event organizer. You can find out more at her website at

Donna WoodwellChange Catalyst Donna Woodwell shows you how to tap into your unique genius and live with purpose and joy. Blending astrology, pragmatic skills and metaphysical training, Donna helps her clients find creative strategies for achieving their full potential. In addition to her private consultations, she hosts a weekly call-in radio show Donna Philosophica, writes for, and leads workshops and discussion groups online. She teaches astrology and esoteric studies at the online school of astrology Kepler College and at UT Informal Classes. She's currently working on a book about the modern-day applications of astral theurgy. Find out more at


11-12 AM Profections, Progressions, Directions Oh My!

Predictive methods - ancient and modern with speakers: Bruce Scofield and Christine Arens

Scofield Bruce Bruce Scofield has been a practicing astrologer since 1975 and has been a teacher and lecturer at many regional and national conferences over the last twenty years. He has written many articles for various astrological publications and has published a number of important astrological texts, including Timing of Events: Electional Astrology; The Aztec Circle of Destiny; Native American Astrology from Ancient Mexico, and Signs of Time: An Introduction to Mesoamerican Astrology. Mr. Scofield recently received his PhD from the University of Massachusetts where he works on Gaia theory and solar system influences on climate and life. His PhD thesis examined temperature variations in the northern hemisphere correlated with Saturn-Sun geocentric alignments.

Arens Christine Christine Arens Christine Arens is certified as both a Professional and Teaching astrologer through the AFA, and holds a Level-III certification through NCGR. She has over 40 years of experience in astrology and has been actively consulting and teaching since the early 1990s. She has served as the President of the Chicago-based Friends of Astrology since 1993, and is currently a member of the Board of Directors of both the AFA and Kepler College. Christine teaches the chart calculation courses at Kepler and teaches locally in the Chicago area as well. She has also created one of the best astrological libraries in the United States.


Noon -1 PM Can you be both ancient and modern?

Speakers: Joseph Crane and Kate Petty

Crane JosephJoseph Crane, M.A. is the Co-Founder and Director of the Astrology Institute in Waltham, MA and Providence,RI, as well as an instructor at Kepler College. He is a long-standing Buddhist practitioner with a graduate degree in Gestalt and Integrated Psychotherapy as well as a noted astrologer, author and counselor. Joseph brings a classical approach to astrological technique, adding contemporary and traditional psychological methods and spiritual insights. He offers a rich blend of astrological and counseling services through his private practice and supervises other counseling astrologers. His books include Astrological Roots: The Hellenistic Legacy and Between Fortune and Providence.

Petty Kate 100pxKate Petty's lifelong love for astrology has led her to practice a number of different systems including Symmetrical (Uranian), Hellenistic, Early Medieval, Indian, and Visual astrology. Her most recent focus combines Symmetrical and Traditional techniques, keeping an eye on mundane physical realities. Through her website she publishes a list of monthly antiscia and articles on current events, and provides one-to-one online mentorship. She's a former President/Vice-President of the Washington State Astrological Association. Outside astrology, Kate volunteers providing emotional support to women living in prison and is a professional visual artist. Her website can be found at:


1:00 - 2:00 PM Modern Planets - Can they be rulers or just partners?

Speakers: Chris Brennan and Maria Simms.

brennan chrisChris Brennan is a professional astrologer from Denver, Colorado, USA. He was educated at Kepler College, where he focused on cross-cultural comparisons between the astrological traditions. He has a special interest in the history, philosophy, and practice of ancient astrology, and specializes in the Greco-Roman tradition of astrology known as Hellenistic Astrology. Chris has been active in various astrological organizations and is currently a member of the Board of Trustees for Kepler College. You can find more his work on the popular Horoscopic Astrology Blog. He is currently in the process of completing his first book, titled Hellenistic Astrology: The Study of Fate.

Simms Maria KayMaria Kay Simms is currently the head Starcrafts LLC, a New Hampshire business that operates Astro Computing Services and publishes books under two imprints: Starcrafts Publishing and ACS Publications. Primary publications include The American Ephemeris series. Maria, who has been an astrologer since the early 1970s, and is a former Chair of National Council for Geocosmic Research, is the author of several books, including one on transits, Future Signs: How to Make Astrological Predictions, that is expected to soon become available as an ebook. The text of Future Signs is the basis for Astro Computing Services' consistently best-selling interpreted report, A Planetary Guide to Your Future. The Future Signs text is also used for the transit interpretations within The Electronic Astrologer Reveals Your Future software.


2:00 -3:00 PM Minor Aspects - How far do the divisions go?

Speakers Donna Cunningham and David Cochrane

Cunningham Donna Donna Cunningham is an award-winning astrologer with a Master’s Degree in Social Work and over 45 years of professional experience. She’s the internationally-known author of 15 well-received astrology books, 20 years of advice columns for Dell Horoscope, and thousands of articles. Her newest release is the only known reference work on stelliums—The Stellium Handbook. You can find uot more about her on her website at

Cochrane David David Cochrane is the founder of Cosmic Patterns Software, and cofounder of the Avalon School of Astrology. He has been a professional astrologer since 1972, is the author of two books, past President of the International Society for Astrological Research, head programmer of the Pegasus, Kepler and Sirius Software, instructor at the Avalon School of Astrology, a speaker at astrology conferences for 40 years, the developer of over 100 free youtube tutorial videos, an excellent speaker, expert in quantitative and qualitative research methods, expert in the astronomical foundations of astrology, mystic, songwriter, has conducted advanced research that suggest that astrology really works, and developer of an innovative system of astrological interpretation which he refers to as Vibrational Astrology.


3:00 - 4:00 pm The Interplay Between Indian and Western Astrology

Speakers: Kenneth Miller and Gary Gomes

Miller KennethKenneth Miller has been a professional astrologer since 2005. He received his Master’s degree in the history of astrology from Kepler College. In addition to receiving American College of Vedic Aastrology’s Level II and the Council of Vedic Astrology’s certificate of Jyotish Kovid , Kenneth has also studied in India where he earned the title of Fellow of the Institute of Vedic Astrology (FIVA) and was awarded the title Jyotish Medha Shri. He is a lifetime member of the Council of Vedic Astrology, NCGR, and AFAN, and maintains membership in ISAR and AFA. He loves astrology and is eager to serve the Jyotir Vidya (Goddess/Knowledge of Astrology). In addition to Indian astrology, Kenneth has studied Modern western astrology with Helena Elizabeth Ruhnau, Hellenistic astrology with Demetra George and Robert Schmidt, Medieval astrology with Robert Zoller, and Renaissance astrology with Lee Lehman. He is one of the few professional astrologers with a working knowledge of all of these traditions.

Gomes GaryGary Gomes was among the first wave of Westerners to take up Hindu astrology and is a founding member and Board member of the American College of Vedic Astrology located in Sedona, Arizona. He has also lectured on Hindu Astrology throughout the continental United States, in Hawaii and in England. He is an ordained Swami of the Temple of Kriya Yoga and is a duly initiated practicing Hindu of the Shaivite tradition. He has been an Assistant Professor of Jyotisha (Hindu Astrology) at the Hindu University of America and is a Reiki Master. He has published extensively on Jyotish is recognized and certified by the Bharata Vidya Bhavan, an Indian institution devoted to traditional Hindu knowledge. He also holds degrees in sociology and business administration.


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