registerElectional astrology is one of the most useful branches of astrological for practical concerns.

DATE: November 9, 2019
TIME: 1:00-2:30 PM Pacific / 4:00-5:30 PM Eastern

The presentation will focus on the practical application of Electional Astrology, which will be demonstrated through sample charts like taking a trip, starting a business, and winning the lottery. The importance of analyzing the planetary aspects and declinations of an electional chart in relation to the natal chart will be emphasized. The benefit of a void-of-course Moon will be featured and explained as well. Basic rules will be provided and used to evaluate acceptability of an electional chart given the desired outcome. Planetary rulerships for various elections along with the zodiacal man will be discussed. A list of book recommendations for this branch of astrology will be provided.

Martin Omari 150x150Presenter Omari Martin, MAFM, LPMAFA

Omari is a certified professional astrologer and life member with the American Federation Astrologers (AFA), possesses a Level 2 certification with the National Council of Geocosmic Research – Professional Astrologer’s Alliance, and is a Certified Teacher with the Brotherhood of Light/Church of Light.

He is President of The Friends of Astrology, Inc. based in Chicago, Treasurer of the Astrology News Service, and Chairman of Kepler College.

He has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Howard University and a Master of Accounting and Financial Management degree from Keller Graduate School of Management. He is currently pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy in Business Management specializing in Accounting at Capella University.

Omari is the owner of SOULAR WISDOM™ a human personality and behavior consulting business that focuses on Natal and Electional Astrology and ASTROPRENEURSHIP™ that provides consulting and coaching services to astrologers and other entrepreneurs for business development and long-term strategic growth.

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