Have you ever heard someone talk about the 90 degree dial? Have you wondered why some many astrologers love it?

DATE: Saturday August 25, 2018
TIME: 1:00 - 2:30 PM PDT

Uranian astrology has a rich set of techniques that are well worth the trouble to learn. Two of the most well known are midpoints and collapsing the regular 360 degree astrological chart into 90 degrees. If you are curious about how Uranian astrology can be incorporated into your astrological practice, please sign up to hear Gloria Lorenzo give an overview of this system and demonstrate its power.

Gloria will begin by analyzing the Sibly United States chart with traditional western techniques. She will show how the 90 degree Uranian dial works and compare that 90-degree dial with the traditional chart wheel. Gloria will also look at the 

  • bi-wheel of the US Sibly chart with the 8/21/17 Solar Eclipse
  • bi-dial of the US Sibly chart and 8/21/17 Solar Eclipse compared to the bi-wheel

Glorial will also explain how planetary pictures work in this chart. She will demonstrate bi-90-degree dial aspects and midpoints to the natal Node and bi-90-degree dial aspects and midpoints to the transiting Eclipse Node. Along the way, Gloria will give examples of the meanings of the different midpoints and planetary pictures. She will also introduce the Transneptunian Planets. 

About our Presenter: Gloria Lorenzo

Lorenzo Gloria 145x250When I was 13, a neighbor astrologer told my mother and me that we'd both be good at astrology, and gave us written material to study. I devoured it, and continued exploring any and all astrology sources. Fulltime work and two children interfered for some years, but my study and practice renewed in earnest in the 90’s.

I began with Traditional astrology, branched out into Horary, Medical, Mundane, Predictive, Asteroid, and a bit of Astrometeorology and Vedic, studying hundreds of astrology books, and taking correspondence courses and seminars. In the 90's I found midpoints, and heard about German Uranian expert Heike Pott. I took lessons from Heike, and that got me hooked on Uranian.

I'm not strictly Uranian; I supplement Traditional with Uranian -- the dial provides a great deal of valuable information.

With over 40 years of study and practice, 20 of them in Uranian, I'm devoted to astrology.
~ g