registerWhere do you look for relationship information in your natal chart?

DATE: July 28, 2018
TIME: 1:00-2:30 PM PDT / 4:00-5:30 PM EDT

Astrology is a very diverse subject, and because of that, it gives us a wide tool box to use when looking at relationships. Even then though, it may seem like finding a good starting point is still a challenge. After all, one can only stare at the seventh house for so many hours in a day! Due to the longevity of astrology, our astrological toolbox can be very exact and exacting, revealing a whole new way of looking at the relationships in our daily lives.

In this webinar we will discuss terms, concepts, houses, aspects, and many other fundamental pieces of knowledge to interpret how astrology illuminates relationships in our daily life. If you have a copy of your chart, it would be wise to have it available for reference. After all, “know yourself and you shall know the gods,” as the ancient Egyptian proverb says.

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Rev Bill Duvendack is an ordained independent Spiritualist minister who is an astrologer, internationally known psychic, legally certified medium, presenter, teacher, and author. He has presented in many venues, ranging from colleges and high schools to national and international conferences.

Bill is the author of the published books “Vocal Magick,” “The Metaphysics of Magick,” “In the Shadow of the Watchtower, Enochian Grimoire Volume 1,” “Spirit Relations,” “Awakening Lucifer,” “Sat En Anpu” a book on Anubis, and “Astrology in Theory and Practice,” with several other essays released recently. He has had over a dozen essays published in various anthologies, and his magical writings have been translated into 6 languages. He regularly teaches classes on magick, astrology, and modern spirituality, nationally and via webinars. He has been interviewed by the NY Times, RTE 1, and has made many TV and radio appearances. For more information about him, please consult his website: