The astrological system of dignity and debility relates to finding the necessary cycles of balance and unbalance in the never-ending patterns of change. 

Webinar Presented July 14, 2018

The system of Dignities and Debilities is the heart of traditional astrology. It gives rules for weighing up the strengths and weaknesses of a chart. This complements the methods of modern astrology and adds more nuance and color to chart interpretation.

When evaluating a chart, evaluating the location and natures of the planets gives information on which areas of life the good or ill fortune will most likely be found. Where things are likely to good smoothly and where will we need to work or even struggle to meet a challenge. If there is a problem area in the chart, the system of dignities gives useful information on how to work with it and, sometimes, how to turn a challenge into an asset.

 This presentation will cover the core techniques of dignity and debility, and include several chart examples to illustrate the techniques in practice.


obert charles 100pxInstructor Charlie Obert is a student of astrology since high school, and has studied and practiced both modern and traditional astrology techniques. He teaches workshops and leads study groups on traditional astrology. Charlie is the author of An Introduction to Traditional Natal Astrology and Using Dignities in Astrology, which are currently being used as textbooks at Kepler College. His teachers included Dr. Benjamin Dykes and Chris Brennan.

Charlie's current focus is working on how traditional and modern astrologers can complement and learn from each other. He has a twice-monthly blog on astrology topics on his website at

Listen to Charlie's interview on The Astrology Podcast to find out more about his work on traditional dignities and debilities.