registerDive into the Saturn-Pluto archetypal complex and learn about its challenging and more positive correlations throughout cultural history.

DATE: April 28, 2018
TIME: 1:00-2:30 PM PDT / 4:00-5:30 PM EDT
PRESENTER: Erica Jones

Saturn joined Pluto in Capricorn about midway through Pluto’s 15-year trek through the sign - right at the tail end of the Uranus-Pluto square. In this webinar, Erica Jones will identify current trends around the world that play into this alignment. She will also present suggestions to the provocative questions this configuration presents: Who and what do we serve? What relational matrix are we responsible to? How might we prepare for the potentials of this time period, both on a collective scale and a personal level? 

Erica invites anyone interested to join her in this online gathering to help sow seeds of a renewed responsibility to celebrate life and its many communities. She is also including her forecast for 2018 – 2021 identifying key dates to keep an eye on Saturn and Pluto.


Jones Erica 2018 100x100Erica Jones, M.A. Integral Ecology. Erica has pursued astrology since 2006, principally studying archetypal astrology and cosmology with Richard Tarnas. Erica incorporates ecological awareness and an engagement with mythopoetic dimensions to promote personal, social and ecological well-being, by synthesizing astrology with studies of mythology, depth ecopsychology, dream work and systemic (family) constellations.

One of her current projects engages astrology in social and cultural transformation via a workshop centering on cultivating skillful means of embodying the planetary intelligences contained in the upcoming Saturn-Pluto world transit. She also publishes online at Real Imaginal, which is devoted to the renewal of the planetary archetype Neptune.

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