registerLearn how to work with Progressed New and Full Moons & Progressed Solar and Lunar Eclipses

DATE: November 18, 2017
TIME: 1:00 - 2:30 PM PST / 4:00 - 5:30 PM EST

We are all familiar with the monthly new and full moons as culminating points in the growth cycle of all life, but they also show major life changes for us by secondary progression.

When our natal Moon first progresses to conjunct our progressed Sun, the 30-year cycle of renewal begins. Many astrologers note the 28-year turning point when the progressed Moon conjuncts the natal Sun, but there is much more untapped information in the progressed Moon cycle. Some people even experience a secondary progressed New Moon date that also is a Solar Eclipse – a year they won’t forget! The same is true for a secondary progressed Full Moon date that also is a Lunar Eclipse. My purpose is to make you aware of the interpretive goldmine that many astrologers overlook.


tebbs_carolCarol A. Tebbs, MA.Carol Tebbs attended Whittier College earning both BA and MA degrees in English, and shortly after, an MEd in Education. She was President of Kepler College from 2003-2006. Her 38 years of teaching Advanced Placement English to students receiving university credits is combined with her extensive Leadership Team experience in a large urban school district. As three time Accreditation Team Leader, Technology Grant Author, District Writing Program Coordinator, and District Mentor Teacher charged with training new teachers, Ms. Tebbs' experience and knowledge of the many facets of higher education complement her recent work with the College Board as a "writing assessment reader" and AP teacher trainer.

Recognized as 1999 Wal-Mart "Teacher of the Year", and 2000 District Teacher of the Year, Ms. Tebbs is annually noted in Who's Who in Education and Who's Who in the World. Ms. Tebbs recently published The Complete Book of Chart Rectification. Ms. Tebbs is also well recognized in the astrological community for over 30 years of community service as: 3 terms ISAR President and 22 years on the Board; UAC Co-founder, Board member, Board Chair and UAC '95 Coordinator. Her E-books published in 2003 include: Beyond Basics: Moving the Chart in Time and Beyond Basics: Tools for the Consulting Astrologer.