register blueErin Sullivan takes you through your “Personal Heroic Journey” by tracing the path of Saturn throughout a lifetime.

DATE: Saturday June 17, 2017
TIME: 1:00-2:30 pm PDT / 4:00-5:30 pm EDT

This initiation of this journey begins with the first transit of Saturn over an angle in your chart – the MC, ASC, IC or the DSC.  Subsequently, the cycle of Saturn as it transits each of these angles – two to three times in your life - herald the threshold of a new phase of your life journey. 

Erin describes the struggle at the threshold of development and the resulting manifestation of each subsequent phase.  Saturn’s sequential transits across the angles demarcate the heroic round, as each of you experience them personally.

Inspired by The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell,  AND her work in her Book:   “The Transit of Saturn: Boundary of Mind Body and Soul”, Erin did extensive research with over 60 people asking them “what happened” on a certain date . . . and that was the foundation for her beautiful and brilliant booklet “Your Personal Heroic Journey” . . . it is suggested that attendees get their own by going to her Store and under Reports:   $30 for 80 pages about the development of your life in accord with the transit of Saturn in detail . . . beautifully designed by Rebecca Martin, and programmed by her with Kepler software, this is a truly unique report.

sullivan erinErin Sullivan’s 45 years as an astrologer has brought her international recognition. Her 6 books are classics, and are read worldwide in several languages, and on the reading list of major schools around the world. Erin's consulting practice is global, integrating all aspects of contemporary astrology. She has an online Training Course. She was Series Editor for Arkana, CAS, London, UK, and published some of the best minds in our field. Background in cosmology, archetypal astrology, and classics feeds her astrological philosophy. She is both profound and witty. Erin has a very full and creative website, which has hundreds of articles, free podcasts, over 135 mp3's for home study . . . and her site is: