register blueA Three-Phase Development Process Seen Through The Houses

DATE: Saturday, July 1, 2017
TIME: 1:00-2:30 pm PDT / 4:00-5:30 pm EDT

Since the formation of the first human collectives, people have been faced with at least three monumental challenges in life. These three serve as milestones of personal development:

  • becoming secure in their personhood within the family unit,
  • partnering with others in cooperative endeavors,
  • and becoming a productive and dependable contributor to the larger social group.

By synthesizing the insights of astrologers with the observations of behavioral scientists, a coherent system is established in the birth chart where all three phases of personal development are found to operate interdependently, and can be considered according to a set of observed rules.

Join Bill Nastasiak in considering the houses through a slightly different lens as we explore their application to the common concerns of modern life. 

Nastasiak Bill Bill Nastasiak first became interested in astrology in late 1969 when a relative gave him a copy of Edgar Cayce's biography, "There Is A River." In the second part of that book, Cayce suddenly expands the scope of his readings beyond simple medical diagnoses to include references and material about metaphysical subjects, including astrology. This immediately led Bill to a lifelong interest in the subject. A few years later, he took lessons from a student of Eugene Moore, and continued an avid interest thereafter. Currently, he is a student in Noel Tyl's Master's Course.

Bill has attended at least nine major astrology conferences and three long-weekend intensives for Noel Tyl's students. He holds a BS in Organizational Behavior, and is a retired consultant to major organizations throughout the country on topics such as training, teambuilding, leadership, strategic planning, facilitation, etc. He’s also been a mediator in the Maricopa County Justice Courts, as well as within the Alternative Dispute Resolution Program for county employees.

Bill has served on the ASA Board as Program Director, Treasurer, and President. He lives in Phoenix with his wife, Mimi, and their dog, Buddy.