register blue“Haumea’s descendant is to rise in distinction. Her stick, the Makalei (integrity) will attract fish (abundance) and thwart those who deceive or steal.” – Westervelt’s Mythology

DATE: May 20, 2017
TIME: 1:00-2:30 PDT / 4:00-5:30 PM EDT
PRESENTER: Larry Martin

The demands of the 21st Century are considerable. Time management and managing your personal energy are top priorities for those who wish to be successful. What about our immediate, personal environment? What about our larger, more global environment? Without those, your success would remain limited, would it not? All of these questions can be answered and enhanced by lessons from the Hawaiian Creation Goddess, Haumea.

Not only is Haumea one of the newly discovered dwarf planets, but she has TWO Moons! Taking 285 years to orbit the Sun, she has very interesting stories to tell to those who will listen. Ceres, an asteroid with new “dwarf planet” status has a similar story, which is now enhanced by Haumea’s presence in our collective consciousness. All seek some form of success and abundance – but we should heed warnings of what happens when we ignore Mother Nature.

martin larry 100pxLarry Martin Bio: 

In private practice full time since 1992, Larry has appeared throughout the world at Expos and conventions, worked at People Magazine and over the Internet, in other magazines and radio, delivering insights with an emphasis on success and need fulfillment. In league with the Tony Robbins Organization, Larry utilizes his degree in psychology/sociology from the University of Dayton, Larry combines the knowledge of the ancients to answer 21st century problems with both tangible and supreme results.You can find out more at his website at: website:

Awarded Outstanding Contribution to Astrology - Arizona 2014
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