The Art of Distillation: Extracting the Essence of a Chart

register blueDATE: September 24, 2016
TIME: 1:00-2:30 pm PDT / 4:00-5:30 pm EDT

Information overload is a common problem for astrologers, especially in the early days of study and practice. Reducing the horoscope to one or two essential pieces is therefore a helpful practice at least and a revelation at best.

Homing in on the key component of a chart (not always a matter of technique but rather the intuition) and allowing the layers of meaning to unfold piece by piece add depth and resonance to an interpretation. Instead of trying to build a picture from the disparate parts of a horoscope and invariably ending up with a list of conflicting statements, you will have a coherent narrative.

You will be distilling the information and extracting the essence.

“In my experience it is entirely possible to base a whole interpretation on one astrological theme alone.”

Beginning with keyword principles Penny will show how one planet, its position, its aspects and its transits play a pre-eminent role first, in a young woman’s life and second, in Donald Trump’s. Along the way she will briefly touch on the astrology of a relationship and discuss the current Saturn-Neptune square.

Penny Thornton Bio: 

Penny Thornton came into astrology in the late Nineteen-Seventies. She worked alongside John Addey, Charles Harvey, Howard Sasportas and Liz Greene and for The Faculty of Astrological Studies and the Astrological Association. She has lectured and held workshops in Europe, the US and Australia and appeared on many television and radio shows.

Her first book - Synastry - The Astrology of Relationships - was published in 1982. Five more were to follow: Suns and Lovers, Romancing the Stars, The Forces of Destiny, Divine Encounters and With Love From Diana. She has also written a forward to Evolutionary Astrology by Ulrich Bold, and contributed to The People’s Princess by Larry King and The Moment by Kenny Kingston.

In 1992 Penny joined the British newspaper, Today, for whom she wrote a daily Sun-sign column. Other publications were to follow: Prima Magazine, Family Circle, Essentials, Glamour, Woman and Home and Woman (all UK), Who and In-Style (Australia), Zwierciadlo (Poland) and Norsk Ukeblad and Hjemmet (Norway).

In 2000 she launched her website which has become one of the most popular on the web attracting over half a million unique visitors each month. Her monthly newsletter - a serious take on global situations - has over 18,000 subscribers.

Penny believes she has been extremely fortunate to have a foot in both the serious astrology world and the popular market.

“Writing a daily column based on sound astrological principles far from compromising my skills fine honed them.”