Kepler College has offered to host Salon Sonja's A Once in a (Zodiacal) Blue Moon International Webinar!

Date Held: 18 June 2016 

A celebration of Giralamo Cardano:

a) His Life and Career
b) His Puzzling Experience as Advisor Physician Astrologer to Edward VI
c) Cardanus Comforte: deVere’s forward to the Latin translation.

This is a man you may know by different names: Gerolamo Cardano; Geronimo Cardano; Jerome Cardan; and Hieronymus Cardanus. He was an outstanding mathematician, astrologer, physician, chemist, philosopher and incorrigible gambler. Born in 1501, Cardano was the illegitimate child of a lawyer, Fazio Cardano and Chiara Micheria. He grew to be brilliant, if not always well liked:

This I recognise as unique and outstanding amongst my faults - the habit, which I persist in, of preferring to say above all things what I know to be displeasing to the ears of my hearers. I am aware of this, yet I keep it up wilfully, in no way ignorant of how many enemies it makes for me.

In 1570, Cardano incurred the wrath of the inquisition when he cast the horoscope of Christ. After recanting his heresy, in 1571 he moved to Rome and gained the support of Pope Pius V. He died in 1576.